Do you want to get back to the icons on your computer desktop when you have your screen filled to the brim with various different windows? You need not close or minimize the windows to get to the desktop folder or icon you want to access. There are simpler ways to open the desktop window and hide the clutter you have made with the various screens.

Here are the 3 easy and simple ways for a quick return to the desktop page in your computer.

Method 1
You can use the keys 'Win + D' simultaneously to reach the desktop page. By pressing the two keys you can minimize all the screens you were using and get to the desktop. However this is possible only when you have a physical keyboard linked to the computer.

Method 2
You can get to the desktop by using your taskbar too. Just right click on any blank part in task bar. In the window that pops up choose, ‘Show the desktop’ feature. This will instantly get you to the desktop page.

Method 3
There is a small rectangular area present on the far right corner of the taskbar. Click on this rectangle. This will help you reach the desktop easily

The above methods are quick and simple methods to use when you want to access your desktop page. Repeating the action again will bring back all the windows you had kept open.