Many users may face connection issue while trying to connect their iPhone device with the computer. One common error users face is the ‘iTunes could not connect to the iPhone’ error. (0xE80000A or 0xE800000A). This can also be resolved by ensuring that the latest iTunes version is properly installed to your system. If the connection error persists, here is how you can fix the iTunes connection error.

Step 1
iTunes Connection Error is Displayed

When you connect your iPhone device with the computer by a lightning cable, you might sometimes face iTunes connection error as shown below. This error will not allow you to access iTunes and perform any operation.

Step 2
Select ‘File Explorer’

The user has to reach out to the file explorer where the drives can be located. Here in windows, the start button is clicked and then the ‘File Explorer’ option is clicked.

Step 3
Enable the Checkbox for ‘Hidden Items’

Select the ‘View’ menu from the menu bar. Then click the box for ‘Hidden Items’ to view all the hidden items in the drive chosen. Here the C drive is chosen as it contains the Apple folder.

Step 4
Select ‘Program Data’

In the C drive now you will be able to see even the hidden items. From the list of options, you will have to click the ‘Program Data’ as shown below.

Step 5
Select ‘Apple’

In the Program Data folder, the user has to scroll to locate the 'Apple' folder to view its contents. Click the ‘Apple’ folder as shown below.

Step 6
Delete ‘Lockdown’

Now the user has to right-click the ‘Lockdown’ folder and click the ‘Delete’ option as shown below. By doing this, you delete all the text files in the lockdown folder that is not required. Restart the system now and reconnect your iPhone device with the computer.

Step 7
Click ‘Check for Updates’

Another method is to check for the iTunes updates. Click the ‘View’ option in the iTunes and then select the ‘Check for Updates’ option to check whether a latest version of iTunes is available.

Step 8
Select ‘Download iTunes’

You will see a popup regarding the new iTunes version available for download. You should click the ‘Download iTunes’ option as shown below.

You can now fix the ‘iTunes could not connect to iPhone’ error by following the above steps.