The iPhone comes with various problems, this is something that all iPhone users know. However, what they don’t know is that most of these problems have a simple solution built into their phone OS. This solution is known as a soft reboot. It is a process by which the OS clears out any extra memory it has stored thereby ensuring all of its features function smoothly.

One of the problems people continuously face is their ringtone suddenly not working. This is in all likelihood a problem caused by the same source and can be fixed using the soft reboot. Follow the steps below to learn how to fix the ringtone not working problem in iOS 12.

Step 1
Enable 'Soft Reboot' Option

To do this, firstly unlock the phone and hold down the 'Power' button on your phone. This is the small button on the side of your phone that you use to lock and unlock the screen.

Step 2
Hold Down the ‘Menu’ Button

Once you have held down the ‘Power’ button you get the option titled ‘Slide to Power Off’. However, don’t slide that button and instead hold down the central button on your phone. This will start the 'Soft Reboot'.

Step 3
Open Sound Option

Once the ‘Reboot’ is done go to your options menu and select ‘Sounds’.

Step 4
Enable your ‘Ringtone’

Click on the ‘Ringtone’ option and select the ringtone of your choice and this should have fixed the problem efficiently enough.

After following the above steps you will be able to fix ringtone issues or can change ringtones too.