Are you unable to send emails because of dysfunctional ‘SEND’ button? Many Apple users have registered the same complain – they are able to receive emails in their iPhones but not send it. The solution to this technical glitch can be found in the email server. Here’s a look at how to fix inactive SEND button in email.

Step 1
Click ‘Settings’

Click on ‘Settings’ from the menu. It will enable you to access the setting controls for all the applications in your phone.

Step 2
Click ‘Mail’

Browse through the ‘Settings’ menu and click on ‘Mail’. It will open up the account details as well as the settings of the mail.

Step 3
Click ‘Accounts’

Select ‘Accounts’ from the list of options under ‘Mail’. It will open up the list of all the mail accounts logged in from your phone.

Step 4
Choose ‘Account’

Select the account from the list that you are facing the problem with; for instance, ‘Gmail’. It will open up the account name and the features that are in sync with your ‘Gmail’ account.

Step 5
Select ‘Account’

Click ‘Account’ under Gmail. it will enable you to access the account details.

Step 6
Select ‘SMTP’

Navigate to ‘Outgoing Mail Server’ and select ‘SMTP’. It will open up the SMTP servers.

Step 8
Enable ‘Server’

Disable and then enable the ‘Server’ by hitting the button against it. Enter the ‘Username’ and ‘Password’ under ‘Outgoing Mail Server’.

In this way, you can fix any error in the send button of your email, or any challenge you are facing with sending mails.