The term ‘Bricked iPhone’ is used to refer to iPhones that are not functioning or have become frozen. Such a discrepancy generally occurs when you upgrade the device to the latest version. So, if you have updated your iPhone to iOS 12, and you’re not able to operate it then don’t worry, there are ways to resolve it. Firstly, try to restart and reboot your phone. If the system still shows error, then it can be deeper problem, and you can use ‘dr.fone repair’ to fix. Here’s how you can quickly fix bricking problems in iOS 12 by following these simple steps.

Step 1
Download ‘dr.fone’

Search for ‘dr.fone’ software online. 'Download' and 'Install' it in your PC or laptop. ‘dr.fone’ is the most trusted software to repair iOS in the industry.

Step 2
Connect Phone to Laptop/PC

Connect your bricked iPhone to the laptop using an USB cord. This will enable you to run the operation of repairing the iOS via your laptop or PC.

Step 3
Click ‘Repair’

Open ‘dr. fone’ and select ‘Repair’. It will display a set of instructions to you.

Step 4
Click ‘Start’

After reading through all the instructions thoroughly, click ‘Start’. A box will appear with a cautionary message highlighting the circumstances under which the process can fail.

Step 5
Click ‘OK’

Once you have made sure everything is in place, click ‘OK’. Consequently, set of instructions will appear on the screen.

Step 6
Complete the Steps

There is a set of three instructions on the screen. Follow the guidance properly and do as directed. Your iPhone will be updated in normal mode and will be fully functional.

This is how you can fix bricking in iOS 12.