iOS 11 and iOS 12 have turned out to be less smooth and a bit disruptive than the other iOS-predecessors. Updating to iOS 11/12 have caused some discrepancy in the working of the phone – for instance, a lot a people have complained that they are getting stuck at the slide to upgrade feature. If you are one of them, then we have got the solutions for you. Here’s how you can fix slide to Upgrade stuck in iOS 12.

Method 1: Update to the Latest Version of iTunes

Step 1
Select ‘Applications’
Select ‘Go’ and click ‘Applications’ from the drop down list. It will open up a window with a list of applications.

Step 2
Select ‘iTunes
Select ‘iTunes’ from the ‘Applications’ window. The ‘iTunes’ window will open up.

Step 3
Select ‘Check for Updates…’
Select ‘iTunes’ and click ‘Check for Updates…’ from the drop down list. A pop up will inform you that iTunes is available in the latest version.

Step 4
Select ‘Check for Updates…’
Navigate to the pop up, and click ‘Download iTunes’. It will open up the OS X window.

Step 5
Select ‘Update’
Go to ‘iTunes’ 12.0.1 and click the ‘Update’ button to the right. Your ‘iTunes’ is successfully upgraded.

Method 2: Restore iPhones with iTunes Back-Up

Step 1

Connect iPhone to PC
Connect your phone to the PC through USB wire. Consequently, the 'iTunes' icon will appear on the screen.

Step 2
Put the Phone into ‘Recovery Mode’
Hold down the ‘Sleep/Wake’ button and the ‘Volume-Down’ button till the Apple logo appears on the screen. Eventually, the 'Apple' logo disappears and the iTunes icon flashes on the screen. It indicates that your phone is in ‘Recovery Mode’.

Step 3
Open ‘iTunes’ and Select ‘Restore iPhone’
Now, click iTunes in your laptop. Subsequently, click ‘Restore iPhone’ to restore your phone in the ‘Recovery’ mode.

Follow these simple steps, and you can resolve the problem of being stuck on slide to upgrade screen.