Windows 10 is the latest upgrade in the Windows 10 lineup of operating systems. It has got some amazing features that make it one of the finest in the market. Users kept getting locked out of their devices and windows had to make a change to their lock screen features. If you are also the kind of person who tends to forget passwords, not to worry, Windows has got you covered. So, if you want to just wipe your device without knowing the password, it is possible. Here’s how you can factory reset your Windows 10 device without knowing the password.

Step 1
Hold 'Shift + Power' Button then Restart

Press and hold 'Shift' and then on the lock screen click on the 'Power' button and then tap on 'Restart'.

Step 2
Tap on 'Troubleshoot'

You will now see a blue screen with three options. Click on 'Troubleshoot'. This setting will allow you to reset your device with ease.

Step 3
Reset your PC

You can now click on 'Reset your PC'. This will ask you for a couple of options. You can have a read to understand both of them.

Step 4
Customize 'Reset'

You can choose from either removing everything or removing just apps and settings.

Step 5
Click on Reset

Now click on 'Reset'. Once you click on it, wait for a few minutes and after a few restarts, you will have a brand-new 10.

And that is how you can easily factory rest windows 10 without knowing the password with just a few clicks.