Windows Defender is a great asset to protect your computer from potential malware and other threats in the internet. If it is turned off and you don´t have a replacement for it, then you will be defenseless. Follow these simple steps, engage Windows Defender and protect your computer for time to come against all threats.

Step 1
Run the 'gpedit.msc' Command

The 'Windows logo + R' key pressed together will bring up the 'Run' menu. Write 'gpedit.msc' on it and then hit enter or click on 'OK'.

Step 2
Select 'Turn off Windows Defender Antivirus'

You will find this option inside the Windows options in the Local Group Policy Editor menu. This is the section of the group policies that can let you turn on and off the 'Windows Defender Antivirus'.

Step 3
Disable this Policy

Put the marker on the 'Disabled' option of the menu. The way this menu works is the following: you have to disable the turn-off policy for your Windows Defender to stay on. If you enable the policy your Windows Defender will be switched off and stop working, which means that your computer will be vulnerable to malware and other threats.

For this change to be effective in your computer you will have to 'Restart' it.