Microsoft has introduced a feature in the Windows 10 operation system version. This operating system provides an opportunity for the users to learn more about the features of the OS by constantly providing Windows 10 tips notifications. While the tips might be useful, over the course of time many users find these tips notifications about Windows 10 annoying. So, you are provided with an option to enable the windows tip notification and turn them off whenever required. Here is how you can enable the tip about Windows 10.

Step 1
Select ‘Start Windows’ Icon

The foremost step for the user is to click the ‘Start Windows’ icon that is located at the left corner of the taskbar. On clicking the icon, you will find the recently accessed settings and files.

Step 2
Click the ‘Settings’ Option

After clicking the start window icon, the user has to click the ‘Settings’ option as shown below. On clicking settings, you can find different system setting options.

Step 3
Click the ‘System’ Option

In the ‘Settings’ option, you will find various settings related to accounts, personalization, devices, privacy, system, and updates. Here, the user has to click the ‘System’ option.

Step 4
Click the ‘Notifications & Actions’ Option

In the 'System Settings' windows, the user has to click the ‘Notifications & Actions’ option that is located at the left pane window of the screen.

Step 5
Enable the option of ‘Show me tips about Window’

Once the notifications & actions option is selected on the left pane window of system settings, you will find notification settings specific to windows and all application. Now the user has to move the slide bar as shown below to turn on the option of ‘Show me tips about Windows’ .

You can now successfully enable the tips about Windows 10 by following the above steps sequentially.