iOS 12 is widely used by many people all over the world owing to the brilliant responsive, intuitive and attractive user interface. Additionally, it has an interesting set of cool features and settings that make the functionalities to be done easier. The users might sometime find the keyboard click sound to be annoying. iOS 12 allows you to either enable or disable the keyboard sound feature whenever you want. Similarly, the haptic feedback for the touch can also be enabled or disabled. Here is how you can enable or disable the haptic feedback and keyboard sound in the iOS 12 device.

Step 1
Select ‘Settings’ Option

Firstly, the user has to click the ‘Settings’ option from the list of applications that gets displayed in your iPhone device. On clicking the settings, you can view the different device settings.

Step 2
Select ‘Sounds & Haptics’

In the 'Settings' menu, the user has to select the ‘Sounds & Haptics’ option as shown below to modify the keyboard sound and the haptic sounds in your iOS 12 device.

Step 3
Use toggle to Enable/Disable ‘Keyboard Clicks’

To enable or disable the keyboard click sounds in your iPhone device, the user has to slide the toggle of ‘Keyboard Clicks’ as shown below. If the toggle remains on right and in green color, it means that the keyboard click option is enabled in your device.

Step 4
Use Toggle to Enable/Disable ‘System Haptics’

In the 'Sounds & Haptics' menu, you can slide the toggle to either enable or disable the haptic sound of your iPhone device.

You can now easily enable or disable the haptic and keyboard sounds in the iOS 12 by following the above steps sequentially.