Windows 10 provides the users to customize the view of the file explorer. Sometimes users might not want to see the folders or files that are accessed frequently. Instead, they might prefer to directly access the drives once they open the file explorer. In these cases, the quick access feature needs to be disabled. Here is how you can disable the quick access in the Windows 10 file explorer option.

Step 1
Click ‘File Explorer’ icon

The first step is to click the ‘File Explorer’ icon that is present in the taskbar of your desktop screen. You can also access it by searching through the start menu.

Step 2
Select ‘View’ menu option

The file explorer window is opened. Now click the ‘View’ menu option that is located in the menu bar as shown below.

Step 3
Click ‘Options’ Menu

After clicking the 'View' menu option, you will find many options related to the views of folder and icons. Now click the ‘Option’ choice as shown in the below image.

Step 4
Click ‘General’ tab

In the 'Folder' options window, you will find three different tabs. You should select the ‘General’ tab to make the changes to quick access.

Step 5
Uncheck the box for ‘Show recently used files in Quick access’

Uncheck the checkbox for the option ‘Show recently used filed in Quick access’ and ‘Show recently used folders in Quick access’ option as well.

Step 6
Click ‘OK’ Button

Now after unchecking the 'Quick Access Options', make sure to click the ‘OK’ button to save the settings provided.

You can now easily disable the quick access in the Windows 10 file explorer by following the above steps carefully.