Often while typing, we accidently hit the Caps Lock button innumerable times. It is a common mistake which can disrupt our typing flow. With other devices, this is an issue because you certainly cannot disable the Caps Lock button entirely. But in Apple's Mac, you get the option to disable the Caps Lock key. It can be quickly done by performing manual intervention through the keyboard alone.

You can perform this process in any Mac OS X.

Step 1
Go to ‘Apple’ Menu

Go to the 'Apple' menu and select ‘System Preferences’ option from there.

Step 2
Select ‘Keyboard’

Choose the ‘Keyboard’ option from there.

Step 3
Choose ‘Modifier Keys’

Go to the lower right corner and click on the ‘Modifier Keys’ option.

Step 4
Make Changes in 'Caps Lock' Menu

Click on the drop-down menu beside the ‘Caps Lock Key’.

Step 5
Make Modification

Choose the ‘No Action’ option. That's all you are required to do.

This will permanently disable the Caps Lock Key from the keyboard. No matter how many times you mistakenly press the Caps Lock button, it will no more create any issues.