Over the years, iPhones are used by many people all over the world. iOS is widely appreciated owing to the brilliant set of features that includes rapid responsiveness, intuitive and interactive user interfaces. Users might want to delete the photos from the iPhone due to space constraints. In the same time, they would want the photos to remain in the iCloud. Here is how you can delete the photos only from the iPhone and not from the iCloud.

Step 1
Select ‘Settings’

The initial step is to select the ‘Settings’ option from the list of applications as shown below. Once the settings option is chosen, you will be able to view the iPhone device related settings.

Step 2
Select ‘Apple ID’

In the settings menu, the user has to click the ‘Apple ID’ that would give access to the iCloud and iTunes as shown so that their settings can be modified based on one’s preferences.

Step 3
Select ‘iCloud’

Once you click the 'Apple ID', you will notice options like modifying your password, security information along with the payment options. Here you need to click the ‘iCloud’ option.

Step 4
Select ‘Photos’

In the 'iCloud' option, you need to click the ‘Photos’ option to modify the settings related to the photos stored in the iCloud drive.

Step 5
Turn Off ‘iCloud Photo Library’

In the 'Photos Settings', the user has to disable or ‘Turn Off the iCloud Library’ by moving the toggle bar as shown below. This will switch off the iCloud.

Step 6
Select ‘Remove from iPhone’

Now when the pop up arrives, the user has to click the ‘Remove from iPhone’ option to ensure that the photos are deleted from iPhone and not from iCloud.

Step 7
'Sign Out' iCloud

Another method is to 'Sign Out' from your 'iCloud Account'. You can do this by first accessing the settings, then choosing the 'Apple ID' and then selecting the ‘Sign Out’ option as below to sign out from your iCloud account.

Here is how you can delete photos from iPhone and not from iCloud by following the above steps.