In iPhone data and documents refer to the all the information stored by the applications you use in the app. You can view the storage of each app from iPhone Storage. There are many redundant files that the apps generate that eat into your space. As a result, it’s crucial to clear your phone memory at frequent intervals. Here’s how you can delete iPhone documents and data.

Step 1
Click ‘General’
Select the ‘General’ command from the ‘Settings’. It will open up a list of all the general settings in your systems enabling you to customize applications according to your convenience.

Step 2
Click ‘iPhone Storage
Browse the ‘General’ settings and select ‘iPhone Storage’. It will show you a list of all the applications with the storage space they have occupied.

Step 3
Choose the App
Browse through the list of applications to find out which apps are occupying the maximum storage space and are infrequently used. Once you have decided, click the app; for instance, ‘Facebook Messenger’. It will open up the details of the app, that is, ‘App Size’ and ‘Documents & Data’.

Step 4
Select ‘Delete App’
There will be two options on the screen: ‘Offload App’ and ‘Delete App’ click ‘Delete App’. ‘Offload App’ temporarily frees space but doesn’t omit data and documents.

Step 5
Confirm ‘Delete App’
As you click ‘Delete App’, a box will pop up at the bottom of the screen requesting your confirmation. Click ‘Delete App’ again to delete data and documents.

In this way, you can free your iOS 12 from data and documents.