iOS 12 became a huge hit among the people owing to its intuitive, interactive and responsive user interface. Performance of the iPhone device can be heavily impacted due to the presence of corrupted and junk files. These need to be deleted completely from your device to ensure that the iPhone operates fast. Here is how you can delete the corrupted files on the iPhone.

Step 1
Select the ‘iMyfone Umate Pro’

Firstly, you will have to select the ‘iMyfone Umate Pro’ application from the list of various apps present in your laptop.

Step 2
Connect your iPhone Device to the Laptop

As you launch the iMyfone Umate Pro application, you will have to ensure that your iPhone device is connected well with the laptop to perform the deletion process.

Step 3
Select ‘Quick Scan’

The user has to press the ‘Quick Scan’ button as shown below to perform a rapid scan of your iPhone device to track details like the junk files, temporary files, etc.

Step 4
Select ‘Clean’ Button

The user has to click the ‘Clean’ button present beside the junk files to perform the deletion of the corrupted files on the iPhone device. Similarly, the clean button should be clicked for the temporary files as well.

Step 5
Select the ‘Clean’ Button

Here you will find the list of all corrupted files on the iPhone device. You have to press the ‘Clean’ button as shown.

Step 6
Click the ‘Done’ Button

You now need to click the ‘Done’ button as shown below to finish the cleaning of corrupted files.

Step 7
Select ‘Erase Deleted Files’

Now to completely remove the corrupted files, you need to erase the deleted files as well. First, click the ‘Erase Deleted Files’ option and then click the ‘Scan’ button as shown.

Step 8
Select ‘Erase Now’ Option

The user has to enable the checkbox for the various application and the files which have to be deleted permanently from the iPhone device. Click the ‘Erase Now’ option.

You can now easily delete the corrupted files on your iPhone device by following the above steps.