Reading reminder is a very interesting feature offered through Cortana in the windows 10 system. The reading list helps the users not to forget important web page links which they will have to read. It helps the user to come back after some work and read the content later. With the help of Cortana and Microsoft Edge, the reading list if possible. Here is how you can create the reading lists remainder using the Cortana in windows 10 system.

Step 1
Select ‘Microsoft Edge’ Browser

The first step is to single click the ‘Microsoft Edge’ browser icon to open it. Reading list can be created easily with the help of Cortana in windows 10 system.

Step 2
Navigate to Any Website

In the Microsoft Edge browser, type the ‘URL of any website’ you wish to navigate in the address bar as shown below. Here a news website is opened.

Step 3
Click the ‘Share this page’ Option

At the top left corner of the browser, you will find a series of options as shown below. The user has to click the ‘Share This Page’ icon to view the available sharing options.

Step 4
Select ‘Cortana Reminders’

Once you click the share this page icon, you will get a list of available sharing options for the page as shown below. Here the user has to click the ‘Cortana Reminders’ to create the reading lists in the windows 10 system.

Step 5
Attachment of the Link Gets Added

As shown below, the chosen web page gets added as an attachment. As this process is being done, the Cortana reminders will be opening where you can create details for the reading lists.

Step 6
Click ‘Remind’ Option

As shown below, the user has to give a short description of the reading website link that has been added. Along with that, you can enter details like the reminder time and frequency. Click the ‘Remind' option. By doing this, the webpage link will be taken to the reading list and reminds the user using the Cortana feature.

You can thus easily create the reading lists using the Cortana feature in windows 10 system.