Apple is one of the first company to take advantage of wireless networking technology and connect one workstation to another. This does not include long, confusing procedures that finally end up with a headache. Mac’s procedure is the simplest accommodating few clicks on both the systems. Once you connect your computer with another one, you can start using it from the finder. Here’s how to connect one mac wirelessly with another Mac.

Step 1
Create ‘Network’

On the first computer, click the ‘Wi-Fi’ icon and then select ‘Create Network’. The ‘Create a Computer-to-Computer’ window will appear.

Step 2
'Configure' Network

On the Create a Computer to Computer window, Enter the ‘Name’ for your ad-hoc network. Next, select the ‘Channel’ menu and then select a ‘Channel Number’. You can optionally click the ‘Require Password’ checkbox for additional security. When you’re ready, click ‘OK’. The ad-hoc network will be created on this computer.

Step 3
Connect from the 'Another Computer'

From the another Computer, click the ‘Wi-Fi’ icon and then select the name of your ad-hoc network computer. Once it is connected, enter valid credentials. The computer is connected, and it is added in the shared section of the Finder’s left pane.

Step 4
Connect and Access

Open a ‘Finder’ window from the dock on the first computer and click on the shared computer from the left pane. Click ‘Connect As’ and ‘Login’ using the username and password of that computer. You can now start using that computer from the Finder window.

Your Mac just got connected to another Mac with few hassle-free steps.