Microsoft is pretty well known for making top-notch operating systems for the offices and homes. Windows 10 is the latest upgrade to the windows lineup with better graphic support. Windows 10 allows you to have an integrated or a dedicated graphics card for gaming, media consumption and more. Getting informed and staying updated about your graphics card is always favored. Here’s how to check the graphics card detail in windows 10.

Step 1
Click on 'Start' Menu

Click on the 'Start' menu with the windows logo on the bottom left side of your laptop screen.

Step 2
Type 'Run' and Hit 'Enter'

Type the word ‘Run’ and hit 'Enter'. This will open up the Run box that enables opening a program by name if it is located in Windows.

Step 3
Type in ‘dxdiag’ and Hit OK

You can now type the word ‘dxdiag’ and hit 'OK'. It is a diagnostic tool that allows you to check your graphics card details along with other details too.

Step 4
Click on 'Display'

You can now click on ‘Display’ and you will have all the information about your current graphics card under the 'Device' section.

And that is how you can easily get informed about your graphics card info with just a few clicks.