Users might want to vary the system sound volume based on their choice and the application they are using. While watching movies or playing games, users might want to change the sound output device to get a more enhanced version of sound effects. Windows 10 allows the users to easily change the sound output, input device and also system volume. Here is how you can change the sound output in Windows 10 system,

Step 1
Press ‘Start Windows Key’

Press the ‘Start Windows Key’ on your keyboard to access the start menu options. You can also access it by clicking the ‘Start Windows Icon’ which is located at the left corner of your taskbar.

Step 2
Click ‘Settings’ Option

In the start menu, navigate to find the settings option. You can use the search feature as shown below to locate and click the ‘Settings’ option to view all your device settings.

Step 3
Select ‘System’ Option

In the settings window, you will find settings like the personalization, system, apps, accounts, devices, etc. Now select the ‘System’ settings option to alter the settings for the system sound.

Step 4
Click ‘Sound’ Option

In the 'System Settings Window', options like display, sound, notifications, power, storage, focus as it will be present as shown below. Select the ‘Sound’ option to view settings related to sound in your Window 10 system.

Step 5
Choose your ‘Sound output device’

Once you click the sound option, you will find the option to change the system sound, sound input and output device on the right side of the screen. Here choose your sound ‘Sound output device’ from the sound output device options available in the drop-down menu.

You can now easily change the sound output device in the Windows 10 system by following the above steps.