Changing the operating system language can be very useful for people who like navigating all the menus in their mother tongue. Read on and learn how to change it in your computer.

Step 1
Bring up the 'Start' Menu

Press the key with the Windows-logo on it or click on the Windows logo at the bottom left corner of your screen. This will bring up the start menu where all your life is available at a glance.

Step 2
Pick ‘Settings’ left-click on ‘Settings’.

The 'Settings' menu is where all the fine-tuning in Windows can be made.

Step 3
Choose ‘Personalization’

Left-click on the ‘Personalization’ icon at the ‘Settings’ menu. Personalize your Windows 10 as much as you want to with the options in this menu.

Step 4
Click ‘Language’

Left-click on ‘Language’. All the options about region and language you can change are there.

Step 5
Choose ‘Add a Language’
Left click the plus sing near ‘Add a Language’. All the available languages will come up right away.

Step 6
Choose the 'Language' you Want to Add

Click on the 'Language Name' when you see it in the list.

Step 7
Choose ‘Next’

Click on the option named ‘Next’. This will set the language you just picked from the list as your default language.

Step 8
Change Your Computer's Region

Click on the drop-down menu in your 'Region' menu and select the new region for the language you picked. The list is very big, you can choose the one that´s compatible with you.

Step 9
Change the ‘Additional Date', 'Time', & 'Regional Settings’

Click on the ‘Additional Date', 'Time', & 'Regional Settings’ option on your screen.

Step 10
Click on ‘Region’

Click on ‘Region’ and go for the next step.

Step 11
Copy 'Settings' at the ‘Administrative’ Tab

Click on the ‘Copy Settings’ button at the 'Administrative' tab.

Step 12
Apply the Change to the Preferred Areas

Check or uncheck the boxes for 'Welcome Screen' and 'System Accounts' and 'New User Accounts' if desired.

Once the process is completed, you need to restart Windows 10.