Windows 10 has introduced the Microsoft Edge web browser which provides a lot of benefits to the users. The browser allows the users to download book and read them in specific formats with the help for reading view option. Additionally, the users can customize the looks of the book altering the text size, spacing as well as the themes. Here is how you change the look of the Windows 10 books.

Step 1
Click ‘Microsoft Edge’ Browser Icon

Firstly, the user must launch the 'Microsoft Edge' web browser. User can either click the 'Microsoft Edge’ web browser icon or search for it in the 'Start' menu to launch the browser.

Step 2
Click ‘Star’ Icon

As shown below, in the Microsoft Edge web browser, the user must click the ‘Star Icon’ that is located near the right end along with the other options of the browser.

Step 3
Click the ‘Books’ Option

Once you click the star icon, you will find the list of options that include favorites, books, reading list, history, and downloads. User must click the ‘Books’ option.

Step 4
Select Your 'Preferred Book'

Once you select the books option, you can find the list of books that are available in your library. You can click the ‘Preferred Book’ you desire to read in the Microsoft Edge browser.

Step 5
Click the ‘Text’ Symbol

The selected book gets opened in the Edge browser in reading view. User can now click the ‘Text’ symbol to customize the size, pacing of the text and also the theme

Step 6
Click the ‘Text Size’

To alter the size of the text in the chosen book, the user can click the ‘Text Size’ option in order to either increase or decrease the size of the text as shown below.

Step 7
Click ‘Text Spacing’

Users might want to have a wide or narrow spacing for the texts in the chosen book. For this purpose, the user must select the ‘Text spacing’ option. Here the wide spacing option is chosen.

Step 8
Click your ‘Preferred Theme’

The user can change the theme of the chosen book while they read. For this purpose, the user should click the ‘Preferred Theme’ from the options. Here the dark theme is selected for the preferred book.

You can thus change the looks of the Windows 10 books by choosing your preferred text size, spacing, and themes with the help of Microsoft Edge options.