Sounds are a very big part of the Windows eco-system and when you change a theme, they change completely to accompany it. In Windows 10 you can create your own or choose one of the default ones. Read on and follow the simple steps in this tutorial to create your own ecosystem within Windows 10.

Step 1
Launch the 'Start' Menu

You can either tap on the 'Windows Logo' if you have a tactile screen, click on the 'Windows Logo' or press the 'Windows Key' on your keyboard.

Step 2
Go to 'Settings'

Left-click on 'Settings'. This menu will grant you access to all the fine-tuning available on Windows 10.

Step 3
Select 'Personalization'

Left-click on 'Personalization'. From this menu you personalize Windows 10 to have a truly tailor-made experience.

Step 4
Select 'Themes'

Click on the 'Themes' option of the 'Personalization' menu. This will populate a menu on the right-side of your screen where you can change the themes and the 'System Sounds' attached to them.

Step 5
Select 'Sounds'

On the menu on your right click on the 'Sounds' option to access the system-sounds fine-tuning.

Step 6
Change 'Sound Settings'

You can either choose a sound scheme from the drop down menu or upload individual sounds on your own. Selecting a scheme from the drop-down menu will assign a sound to each Windows event automatically. To upload a sound for each simply click on an event and upload a sound file with a .wav extension for Windows to play it.

These steps can be repeated as many times as you want. Remember to save the theme after you have completed customizing it because you might lose all changes when you switch it in the future.