Windows 10 provides you an option to change the style of the mouse cursor in windows 10. With the help of the mouse settings in the control panel, the user can either change the total style of the cursor, select the size and color of the cursor and customize it. This will also help the users to have a uniquely defined style of the cursor for a specific operation like loading. Here is how you can change the mouse cursor in windows 10 system.

Step 1
Select ‘Control Panel’

Foremost, the user to click the windows 10 start icon present at the left side of the taskbar. Then find and select the ‘Control Panel’ option to view all the available controlling options of your Windows 10 system.

Step 2
Select ‘Large Icons’

In the 'Control Panel' option, click the view drop-down menu. Under this menu, the user has to click the ‘Large Icons’ option as shown below.

Step 3
Select ‘Mouse’

Now you will find different control panel options in the form of large icons. Scroll to find and select the ‘Mouse’ option to customize the mouse settings of your windows 10 system.

Step 4
Select ‘Pointers’ Tab

In the mouse properties dialog box, the user has to select the ‘Pointers’ tab as shown below. Under this tab, you can customize the look, size, and style of your mouse cursor.

Step 5
Select ‘Scheme’ of Your Mouse Cursor

Under the pointers tab, you can choose the style of the mouse cursor by selecting your desired scheme. Scroll down and select a ‘Scheme’ for your mouse cursor in windows 10.

Step 6
Select ‘Customization’ Option

You can scroll down and choose any ‘Cursor customization’ option as shown below. Here the busy cursor style customization is chosen.

Step 7
Select ‘Apply’

After choosing the preferred style and customization for the mouse cursor of the windows 10 system, click the ‘Apply’ option.

Step 8
Click ‘OK’

After clicking apply, the user has to choose the ‘OK’ button to save the mouse cursor settings that were chosen.

Step 9
Customized Cursor Option is Applied

You can come back to any window and check the mouse cursor style. Here in the below screen, you can find the newly chosen ‘Customized cursor style.

You can now successfully change the mouse cursor style and customize it in the windows 10 system.