I just received my components today and put together: Fractal Node 202 mini-ITX case, Fractal Integra 450W PS, Aorus B450 I Pro Wifi MB, AMD Ryzen 5 2400G, 16GB DDR4 Corsair RAM and a 512GB TeamGroup GX2 SSD. Pretty simple stuff and got it together in short order only to have it do nothing but spin the cooling fan and turn on the power LED on power up. I connected it a 4K monitor (spare) with HDMI but never (after several minutes) got any video signal. I've tried searching the Internet and saw that some people had issues with connections so I went back and took the whole thing apart and re-assembled it again with the same results.

I would really appreciate any suggestions that might help! It could be a bad MB but how does one determine that? (I've not been able to register the MB or get any tech support because the manufacturer's website is rejecting the serial number that is on the packaging.)