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Old 03-11-2007, 10:20 PM   #51
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Default RIAA Demands Payments from College Students

Originally posted by: iamaelephant
Originally posted by: Aimster
Those students should unite together, each chip in 500 bucks and sue the RIAA back.

Hell maybe they can get more students at the university to sue as well.

I have no idea what they could possibly sue for... but I'm sure there is something.
What are they going to sue for? These people have been caught STEALING protected music. Why should anybody cut them some slack? How would you feel if your boss told you that you wouldn't get paid for going to work tomorrow? Well people who pirate software, music and movies are doing the same thing to their respective industries.
The fact that they send those letters out with potentially no evidence of wrongdoing. The fact that it's the large corporations going after poor college students with no evidence who can't afford to defend themselves is wrong. The RIAA does not represent the artists it represents the media companies, it even says so on their website i believe, the artists won't see a penny from these settlements, it all goes the record companies.

The fact that the hasn't even proven that they've stolen anything, and the fact that they would not be sued for theft. They never STOLE anything as far as the RIAA knows anyways.

Copyright infringement is completely different than theft and people won't stop confusing them partly because of stupid RIAA/MPAA advertising. You can be sued for what is it 250,000 dollars a song for copyright infringement, ok so there's what 12 songs on a cd, 3 million dollars. Alright, so the 15 year old kid that swipes a music cd from a retail store and get's caught, does he get a 3 million dollar fine or even a 3000 dollar fine?

I'd like to see someone goto court being sued for some insane amount of money to go but the RIAA commercials said it was theft so shouldn't i be charged with that and get off with a misdemeanor and tiny fine.

The RIAA is a joke, they sued allofmp3.com for 1.6 trillion dollars. Ok granted that site really wasn't doing something that was legal in the US, although it was protected under Russian radio law for the time, let's look at that amount. Can anyone on here seriously say the music industry lost 1.6 trillion dollars to piracy? That's twice the GDP of Russia to put that in perspective, only a handful of countries have a GDP reaches that amount.
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