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Old 03-08-2007, 09:08 AM   #1
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Default Must Push "On Button" Multiple Times to Start (!?!)

I've got to push the power button multiple times for my computer to start up. Usually I just mash it furiously for about 10 seconds, and it'll eventually power up. No other problems. In one of my less impatient moods, it seemed like the lights / fans would come on VERY BRIEFLY after I hit the button, then immediately go out. When I finally got it to power on, I had to hit the power button a second time right after that brief interval -- like sending a second shock to the system or something.

Any ideas? My first thought was "bad power supply", but I replaced it -- and I STILL get the same problem.

All that's left to replace is the case or the motherboard. Both parts that are a bit more expensive (and a hassle) to deal with.

I have an Epox 9NPA+ Ultra, Geforce 7600 GS, AMD 3700+, 2x1GB PC3200 DDR, WD 250GB, SLK3000B Mid-Tower Case -- and I've used a Fortran 450W (worked for a year, then had this problem). Recently replaced it with an UltraV Series 500W (a outpost.com free-after-rebate deal recently).

Thanks in advance for any comments!
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Old 03-08-2007, 10:46 AM   #2
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Default Must Push "On Button" Multiple Times to Start (!?!)

Check the continuity of the power-on switch with the ohm meter function of your DMM.
Or disconnent the switches wire from the MB and momentarily jump those two pins.
If the system boots the problem is the switch. Contact the case provider for a new switch.
Or install one bought from allelectronics.com. Or use the switch that should be there for
the re-set button. Or set-up the BIOS so one switch can provide both functions.
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