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Old 09-16-2001, 03:01 AM   #1
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Default Can a Virus create bad sectors on a hard drive?

Recently I have been encountering problems where my laptop would get errors or simply freeze on startup. Well I recently did a surface scan to discover that I have 2 bad clusters/sectors on my hard drive. It said it fixed the problem by moving the files on the bad cluster & rendering the bad clusters useless, but I still can't get into windows. Now it loads & gets past the splash screen and enters what appears to be a freshly installed OS (grey background w/ 640*480 res). A popup displays new hardware but doesn't state exactly WHAT hardware was detected. When I press cancel somethings appears to be loading but nothing actually does. Just a blank screen with a blank task manager shows up when crtl alt del is pressed.
But that's not all... what makes me believe that a virus could be the source of my problems is all the other 'weirdness' I've been encountering
For example, whenever I try using a floppy in dos, copy files or whatever, the disk gets messed up & is rendered useless. I wouldn't be able to read the floppy on any other computer & keep getting this msg whenever i try to access the disks:
"The disk in drive A: is not formatted. Format now?"

Whenever I try to format, quick or full, I get errors... this is totally messed up

In any case I don't know if this will help, but I figure it's worth a try. Perhaps system restore will get my system back in working condition, but I don't know how to access it outside winme. I fear that my problem is due to the bad cluster and system restore won't work, so if that is the case I just want to be able to recover my files. It would be too tedious & I wouldn't be able to recover much if anything if I do it through dos & floppies, but I figure if I can get networking in dos, than it should be much easier... anyone know of any possible solutions?
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Old 09-16-2001, 07:48 AM   #2
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Yes, there is a family of viruses that does what you describe. Here is the run down from the McAfee Library along with how to get rid of it.

CorkyG - Tucson, AZ

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