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Old 04-15-2012, 08:32 PM   #1
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Default What should my Vcore on my i7-3930k be set at if not overclocking?

I have an Asus P9X79 Pro and I want to have the vcore on my 3930k at a static voltage. The BIOS auto the vcore at 1.160v in The BIOS at stock settings so set it to 1.160v and it stays at that voltage even when running at the higher multipliers in Turbo Boost mode. I ran Prime 95 at a static 1.160v vcore for 8 hours successfully with my 3930k running at the default 6-core turbo 3.5GHz. Auto vcore makes the vcore during turbo 1.21-1.22v but I'm not sure if Auto vcore is always correct for my CPU. For example when I oc'd my 3930k to 4.4GHz, auto vcore ran vcore as high as 1.41v during IBT and temps hit 89C and I stopped the test immediately. Also with vcore on Auto at stock speeds my CPU runs hotter during load than when set to 1.160v. For example, IBT hits 69C with vcore on auto and 66C with vcore at a static setting of 1.160v at stock speeds. So is the Auto vcore setting what the motherboard thinks the CPU vcore should run at or is it the correct vcore for my CPU even if I saw 1.41v when oc'd to 4.4GHz?
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Old 04-15-2012, 08:39 PM   #2
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If it's stable at 1.16v and you're happy with the clock speed, then let it there.
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