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Old 06-16-2010, 09:07 AM   #1
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Default ATI and the AMDKMDAG service

I found one of my pc has rebooted from a BSOD last night and the root of the problem was the AMDKMDAG service. It logged over 8,000 events in event viewer in just over 4 hours causing the kernel to crash. I searched around for what the specific functions of the service are and what requires it but all I can find is opinions. Does anyone know specifically what it is used for and why it is logging 8,000 events ? It has not resumed the behavior since the reboot.

I have disabled the service for now and the video card seems unaffected but wondering what the purpose of the service is ?

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If I remember right this is the an issue that happened to my 4850 when viewing videos. It was fixed by

*ding ding*
uninstalling CCC.

If I remember correctly when looking for the problem it has been a known problem for quite some time. Has something to do with video. But the thing would spit out an error in the viewer at rate of about 2-3 a second.
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