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Old 10-22-2004, 11:49 AM   #26
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Default Which famous people were born on your birthday?

Christina Milian is the only one I care about. * DROOL * She's hot as hell.

Also Olivia Newton John but I forget who else.
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Default Which famous people were born on your birthday?

Here ya go...

1988 Hatty Jones
1978 Josh Hartnett
1957 Jon Lovitz
1952 Robin Williams
1948 Cat Stevens
1946 Kenneth Starr
1926 Norman Jewison
1924 Don Knotts
1922 Kay Starr
1920 Isaac Stern
1911 Marshall McLuhan
1899 Ernest Hemingway
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Old 10-22-2004, 11:52 AM   #28
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Default Which famous people were born on your birthday?

Britney Spears.
Nelly Furtado
Anthony 'Treach' Criss
Lucy Liu

oh crap. the Marquis de Sade was born on my bday (Dec 2nd ) in 1814.

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Old 10-22-2004, 11:52 AM   #29
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Default Which famous people were born on your birthday?

May 13

Joe Louis
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Default Which famous people were born on your birthday?

The two I know of already...

Michael J. Fox
Natalie Portman


Complete List
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Old 10-22-2004, 11:55 AM   #31
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Default Which famous people were born on your birthday?

Al Leiter
Weird Al Yankovic
Johnny Carson
"Until the color of a man's skin is of no more significance than the color of his eyes, there will be war"
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Old 10-22-2004, 11:55 AM   #32
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Default Which famous people were born on your birthday?

Golda Meir
Bing Crosby
Pete Seeger
Sugar Ray Robinson
James Brown
Peter Gabriel
Frankie Valli
Doug Henning
Christopher Cross

328 A.D.

Discovery of the True Cross-According to medieval legend St.Helena the mother of Constantine the Great unearthes it on the mount of Calvary and tests it out by crucifying someone on it who gets up after three days.(After all,it might have been someone else's cross!) . Byzantine Emperors carried it around and into battle until it was thought to be too precious to lose,so it was broken up and the wood distributed to the kings of Christendom. By Luther's time it was said so much of the holy wood was around that if you got it all together you could build a nice house.


Huron chief Donnaconna noticed that the French explorer Jacques Cartier got excited whenever he mentioned gold or riches. So Donnaconna made up fantastic stories about a powerful kingdom upriver called Sanguenay (about where present day Ottawa is). He said the people were fabulously wealthy and had no anus's so they could only drink fluids. Cartier not only swallowed the gag this but he was so impressed he had poor Donnaconna kidnapped and brought ot France to tell his stories to the king. The old Huron never saw home again.


Lord Cornbury becomes Lord Governor of New York. This English aristocrat surprised the solid Dutch calvinists of former Nieu Amsterdaam by his eccentric behavior. His favorite pastime was dressing up in a ladies ballgown and at night jumping out at people and pulling their ears. When in drag he bore an uncomfortable ressemblance to England+s Queen Anne. He later explained he dressed this way so the colonists could see what their queen in England looked like, but nobody believed him. There is today a painting of the Governor in drag at the New York Historical Society . One of his other peccadillos was compelling the city council of New York to come up one by one and feel his wife's ears.


Polish Constitution of 3rd of May.This document was inspired by the Declaration of Independance and the Declaration of the Rights of Man, but being situated in the middle of autocratic monarchies like Russia and Prussia they went nuts and crushed the Poles.


Working people of Saxony revolt against their king. Leo Bakunin the father of anarchism and the composer Richard Wagner were two of the leaders. The Prussian army was sent to help put down the workers and Wagner fled into Switzerland,but not before he had the pleasure of burning down the Leipzig Opera House.


2nd Day Battle of Chancellorsville- Stonewall Jackson,while looking over his troops dispositions in the night is confused for a yankee and shot by his own troops. Jackson was a presbyterian minister who kept no slaves and taught his officer+s slaves to read, but was the South+s finest field commander. Eccentric but ruthless, he once after a battle sat among a huge pile of yankee corpses eating a peach: ?The Lord had been Good to us this day..


Poem "Casey at the Bat" published.


The Great French Military Mutineys. After three years of being massacred by the millions in suicidal standing charges against German machine guns and appalling conditions in the trenches, the average French "poilus"(soldier nickname like G.I.) had had enough. Whole regiments refused to go to the front. The mutiney was so bad that to this day official records are vague as to just how many men were involved. A safe estimate is at least 100,000 men. At the same time in Russia whole armies were getting up and walking home and in Germany major cities like Berlin and Munich were rocked by bread riots and strikes.


Battle of Amba Alagi. Britain vs. Italy for Ethiopia.


THE PARAMOUNT DECISION- The Supreme Court rules the Motion Picture Studios constitute a monopoly and orders them to sell their theater chains. One casualty of this rule was the short cartoon. Because theater managers no longer were forced to run a cartoon,newsreel and short with a feature (block-booking), they opted for the time to run more showings of the main feature.


Paris'68 revolt. Police are sent into the Sorbonne University in Paris to break up student demonstrations.(The grounds of the university had never been violated by police, even during the Nazi occupation). This act enrages the student leaders who are joined by labor unions and there is fighting in the streets of Paris for the next three weeks that eventually brought down the DeGaulle gov't. All night political meetings center in the Odeon theatre as the likes of Jean Paul Satre and John Luc Godard make intellectual manifestations of aesthetic freedom. "The More I make Love, the More I make Revolution!" One of the student leaders was Daniel Cohn-Bedit "Danny the Red". Conservative media tried to draw attention to Cohn-Bendit+s Jewish foreign backround . This caused an even larger angrier march of everyday Parisians and Unionists chanting: "We are all Jews!"


National Public Radio's news program "All Things Considered" goes on the air, the first natioanl news program with women news anchors.
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The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. - attributed to Edmund Burke

When I was a kid my favorite relative was Uncle Caveman. After school we'd all go play in his cave, and every once in a while he would eat one of us. It wasn't until later that I found out that Uncle Caveman was a bear.

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Default Which famous people were born on your birthday?

6/08/1504 - Matthew "Nosey" Parker, archbishop of Canterbury
06/08/1619 - Barbara Strozzi, composer
06/08/1638 - Nicolas de Malebranche, French philosopher
06/08/1644 - Fran?oise L de la Baume Le Blanc, French mistress of Louis XIV
06/08/1651 - Fran?ois Fenelon, France, writer (Playing for Time)
06/08/1651 - Johann Michael Zacher, composer
06/08/1664 - Johann Christoph Schmidt, composer
06/08/1665 - Jean-Baptiste Lully, composer
06/08/1697 - Charles VII, Holy Roman emperor (1742-45)
06/08/1733 - Jacques-Denis Antoine, French master builder (H?tel Maillebois Paris)
06/08/1748 - Bernhard Haltenberger, composer
06/08/1775 - Louis-Antoine the Bourbon, French duke of Angoul?me/General of France
06/08/1800 - Catherine Beecher, educator (championed higher education for women)
06/08/1804 - Justinus van der Brugghen, Dutch lawyer/minister of Justice (1856-58)
06/08/1809 - Alfred Lord Tennyson, poet laureate of England
06/08/1811 - Judah Philip Benjamin, Secy War/Secy State (Confederacy) [or Aug 11]
06/08/1819 - Samuel Powhatan Carter, Bvt Major General (Union volunteers)
06/08/1845 - Anthonie A Vorsterman van Oyen, Dutch genealogist
06/08/1856 - Nestor de Ti?re, Flemish poet (Pink Kate)
06/08/1858 - Albert Fuchs, composer
06/08/1859 - J Arthur S Berson, Austria meteorologist (Balloon flights, Amazon)
06/08/1861 - Edith Kermit Carow Roosevelt, 2nd wife of Theodore Roosevelt
06/08/1866 - Chief Thundercloud, [Scott T Williams], MT, actor (Lone Ranger)
06/08/1868 - Paul Claudel, France, diplomat/poet (L'Otage-1909)
06/08/1871 - Emanuel Querido, [Joost Mendes], author/publisher
06/08/1873 - John Wesley Work, composer
06/08/1873 - Mary Carr Moore, composer
06/08/1875 - Marcel Labey, composer
06/08/1879 - Joseph Wirth, German politician (Stalin Peace Prize)
06/08/1881 - Alexander Fleming, England, bacteriologist (penicillin; Nobel 1954)
06/08/1881 - Leo Carrillo, LA CA, actor (American Empire, Cisco Kid)
06/08/1882 - Gerrit H Kersten, Dutch vicar/founder (Calvinist party)
06/08/1883 - Francesco Santoliquido, composer
06/08/1883 - Scott Nearing, US sociologist/pacifist/author (The Good Life)
06/08/1885 - Jozef M E Meeus, Belgian director H-Heart union
06/08/1886 - Edward Ballantine, composer
06/08/1892 - Hoot Gibson, Tekamah NE, western actor (Horse Soldier, Last Outlaw)
06/08/1893 - Guthrie McClintic, Seattle Wash, Broadway producer/dir (Winterset)
06/08/1896 - Cyril Mockridge, composer
06/08/1902 - Michal Vilec, composer
06/08/1902 - Vladimir M Kirshon, Russian playwright (Ultimatum Factory) [OS]
06/08/1904 - Henry Payne Iba, Easton Mo, US basketball coach (Olympic-gold-64, 68)
06/08/1904 - M Revis, [Willem Fisherman], author (Gelakte Brain)
06/08/1905 - Clara Bow, silent screen actress (Wings) "it" girl of 1920's films
06/08/1906 - Ken Strong, NFL, AFL halfback (Staten Island, NY Yanks, NY Giants)
06/08/1908 - George Singer, composer
06/08/1908 - Helen Hull Jacobs, Berkley Calif, US tennis champ (1932-35)
06/08/1908 - James Lees-Milne, architecural historian
06/08/1908 - Sol Adler, economist Sinophile
06/08/1908 - Svend Erik Tarp, composer
06/08/1910 - Charles Crichton, British director (Battle of Sexes)
06/08/1910 - Friedrich Schroder, composer
06/08/1910 - William J Law, sailor
06/08/1911 - Lucille Ball, Jamestown NY, comedienne/actress (I Love Lucy, Mame)
06/08/1911 - Norman Gordon, S Afri cricket pace bowler (against England 1938-39)
06/08/1914 - Susan Cowdy, ornithologist
06/08/1916 - Dom[inic] Mintoff, premier Malta
06/08/1916 - Michael Burke, sports executive (NY Yankees, NY Knicks)
06/08/1917 - Robert Mitchum, Bridgeport Ct, actor (Winds of War, North and South)
06/08/1919 - Pauline Betz Addie, Dayton Ohio, tennis champ (Wimbledon 1946)
06/08/1921 - Ella Raines, Sinoqualmie Falls Wash, actress (Janice Dean RN)
06/08/1922 - Freddie Laker, CEO (Laker airlines)
06/08/1923 - Jack Parnell, London England, orch leader (Englebert Humperdick Show)
06/08/1923 - Jackie Kelk, Brooklyn NY, actor (Homer-Aldrich Family)
06/08/1923 - William B Williams, Babylon NY, DJ (WNEW, Sammy and Company)
06/08/1925 - Barbara Bates, Denver Colo, actress (Kathy-It's a Great Life)
06/08/1925 - Leland Smith, composer
06/08/1926 - Christa Reinig, writer
06/08/1926 - Frank Finlay, Farnworth Lancashire England, actor (Robbery, Lifeforce)
06/08/1926 - J[anet] O[pal] Jeppson, [nee Janet Asimov], author (2nd Experiment)
06/08/1927 - Andy Warhol, McKeesport PA, artist/producer (Frankenstein, Bad)
06/08/1927 - William David Ford, (Rep-D-Michigan, 1965- )
06/08/1928 - Janice-Lee York Romary, Calif, fencer (Olympics-1948-68)
06/08/1929 - Anneliese Kuppers, German FR, equestrian dressage (Oly-silver-1956)
06/08/1929 - Mike Elliot, rocker
06/08/1930 - Abbey Lincoln, Chicago IL, actress/singer (Nothing But a Man)
06/08/1932 - Anneli Sauli, [Savolainen], actress (Milkmaid)
06/08/1933 - A G Kripal Singh, cricketer (India, 100* on debut v NZ 1959)
06/08/1934 - John Storey Bonington, UK, mountain climber (Annapurna I in 1970)
06/08/1934 - Leopold M de Beer, Dutch MP (VVD)
06/08/1934 - Piers Anthony Dillingham Jacob, UK, sci-fi author (Chthon, Phthor)
06/08/1937 - Barbara Windsor, actress (Study in Terror)
06/08/1938 - Carry Tefsen, Dutch actress (Say A)
06/08/1938 - Paul Bartel, Brooklyn NY, director/actor (Eating Raoul)
06/08/1938 - Peter Bonerz, Portsmouth NH, actor (Jerry-Bob Newhart Show, 9 to 5)
06/08/1939 - William "Sonny" Sanders, US singer (Rayber Voices)
06/08/1940 - Louise Sorel, LA Calif, actress (BS I Love You, Crimes of Passion)
06/08/1941 - Doris Ernestine Hays, composer
06/08/1941 - Hubertus AGM "Bert" Andr?, Dutch actor (Turkish Fruit-Come Back)
06/08/1943 - Michael Anderson Jr, London, actor (Clay-The Monroes)
06/08/1943 - Ray Buktenica, Greenwich Village NYC, actor (Rhoda, House Calls)
06/08/1946 - Dusty Rhodes, Australian baseball coach (Olympics-1996)
06/08/1947 - Sally Eaton, Ill, Broadway actress (Jeanie-Hair)
06/08/1947 - Tony Dell, cricketer (Australian left-arm quick, 2 Tests 1971 and 74)
06/08/1948 - Michael Peters, choreographer (What's Love Got to Do with It)
06/08/1949 - Joyce McKinney, Avery County NC, Miss Wyoming (1972)
06/08/1950 - Dorian Harewood, Dayton Ohio, actor (Earl-Glitter, Trauma Center)
06/08/1950 - Nathan Purdee, actor (Nathan-Young and Restless, Hank-1 Life to Live)
06/08/1950 - Winston E Scott, Miami Fla, USN Commander/astronaut (STS 72, 87)
06/08/1951 - Catherine Hicks, Scottsdale Az, actress (Star Trek IV, Child's Play)
06/08/1952 - Barrel Scherpenzeel, rocker (Earth and Fire)
06/08/1952 - Ton Scherpenzeel, Dutch rock keyboardist (Earth and Fire)
06/08/1952 - Wojiech Fortuna, Poland, ski jumper (Olympic-gold-1972)
06/08/1953 - Iqbal Qasim, cricketer (Pakistani slow lefty in the 80's)
06/08/1953 - Pat MacDonald, rocker (Timbuk 3)
06/08/1954 - Carl C Perkins, (Rep-D-KY, 1984- )
06/08/1955 - Tom Inskeep, Bluffton Ind, Canadian Tour golfer
06/08/1956 - Stepfanie Kramer, LA Calif, actress (Claudia-We Got it Made, Hunter)
06/08/1956 - Vinnie Vincent, heavy metal rocker (Solo-Ashes to Ashes)
06/08/1957 - Faith Prince, Augusta Ga, Broadway actress (Guys and Dolls, Carousel)
06/08/1958 - Randy DeBarge, Grand Rapids Mich, rock vocalist/bassist (Debarge)
06/08/1958 - Simon Francken, Dutch bassist (Ivy Green)
06/08/1959 - Grant Aleksander, Balt Md, actor (Guiding Light, All My Children)
06/08/1959 - Joyce Sims, rocker (All and All)
06/08/1960 - Dale Ellis, NBA guard/forward (Seattle Supersonics, Denver Nuggets)
06/08/1961 - Bruce Matthews, center/guard (Tennessee Oilers)
06/08/1961 - Carol Norman, Ardmore Okla, bowler (LPBT Rookie of Year 1982)
06/08/1961 - Earl Winfield, CFL receiver (Hamilton Tiger Cats)
06/08/1961 - Mary Lou, Daniels Chicago lL, tennis star
06/08/1962 - Thomas Jefferson, Cleve Ohio, 200m runner (Olympic-bronze-1984)
06/08/1963 - Kimberley Conrad Hefner, Moulton Al, playmate of year (Jan, 1988)
06/08/1963 - Thomas Bohrer, US West Islip NY, rower (Olympic-92)
06/08/1963 - [Michael] Tony Dees, Pascagoula Miss, hurdler
06/08/1964 - John Mooney, Seattle Wash, sprint kayak (Olympics-96)
06/08/1964 - Lauren Cowan, Benalla Victoria, golfer (1994 66th English Womens Open)
06/08/1964 - Lisa Boyle, Chicago Ill, actress (Showgirls)
06/08/1964 - Moosie Drier, Chic Ill, actor (Laugh-in)
06/08/1964 - Robert Mimbs, CFL running back (Saskatchewan Roughriders)
06/08/1965 - Brian Kinchen, NFL tight end (Cleve Browns, Baltimore Ravens)
06/08/1965 - David Robinson, Fla, NBA center (San Antonio Spurs, Olympic-gold-92)
06/08/1966 - William Fred Mayfair, Phoenix AZ, PGA golfer (1993 Greater Milw Open)
06/08/1967 - Willie Williams, NFL/CFL tackle (Toronto Argonauts, NO Saints)
06/08/1968 - Celena Mondie-Milner, Milledgeville Ga, 100m/200m runner
06/08/1968 - Chris Boardman, English cyclist (world 1 hour record)
06/08/1968 - Jack de Gier, soccer player (Cambuur L, Go Ahead Eagles)
06/08/1968 - Jeff Barlow, Jackson MS, Nike golfer (1994 NIKE Carolina Classic-5th)
06/08/1968 - Patricia Tarabini, La Plata Argentina, tennis star (1985 Futures ITA)
06/08/1968 - Siran Stacy, WLAF running back (Scottish Claymores)
06/08/1969 - Roberto Lanckohr, soccer player (MVV)
06/08/1969 - Simon Doull, cricket medium pacer (NZ)
06/08/1970 - Mike Strange, Niagara Falls Ontario, boxer (Olympics-96)
06/08/1971 - Curtis Shearer, WLAF receiver (Frankfurt Galaxy)
06/08/1971 - Mike Bales, Saskatoon, NHL goalie (Ottawa Senators)
06/08/1971 - Piyal Wijetunge, cricketer (Sri Lanka slow left-armer 1993)
06/08/1972 - Geri Estelle Halliwell, "Ginger Spice" singer (Spice Girls)
06/08/1972 - Mike Frederick, NFL defensive end (Cleve Browns, Baltimore Ravens)
06/08/1973 - Mike Sheldon, WLAF Guard (Rhein Fire)
06/08/1973 - Robert Lee, NFL cornerback (Atlanta Falcons)
06/08/1974 - Adrian Voinea, Focsani Romania, tennis star (1995 Malta)
06/08/1974 - Alvin Williams, NBA guard (Portland Trailblazers)
06/08/1974 - Bobby Petta, soccer player (Feyenoord, RKC)
06/08/1974 - Nelson Vargas, Holoyoke Mass, soccer forward (Olympics-gold-96)
06/08/1975 - Rik Platvoet, Dutch soccer player, (FC Twente, MVV)
06/08/1976 - Parmeso Emekrasha, Buddhist Monk
06/08/1976 - Soleil Moon Frye, Glendora Calif, actress (Punky Brewster)
06/08/1979 - Jennifer Exaltacion, Windsor Ontario, gymnist (Olympics-96)
06/08/1990 - Jon Benet Ramsey, little beauty queen (murdered in 1996)

--->06/08/1945 - Hiroshima Peace Day-atom bomb dropped on Hiroshima by "Enola Gay"
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Mr N8
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Default Which famous people were born on your birthday?

January 25th

Benedict Arnold
Chris Chelios
Alicia Keys
The member formerly known as MogulMonster. Heatware

My FS/FT stuff
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Default Which famous people were born on your birthday?

1862 - Napoleon V Bonaparte
1895 - George "Machine Gun" Kelly
1913 - Red Skelton
1918 - Nelson Mandela
1921 - John H Glenn Jr
1940 - James Brolin
1940 - Joseph Torre
1954 - Ricky Skaggs
1967 - Vin Diesel
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Default Which famous people were born on your birthday?

1978 Jason Biggs
1969 Kim Fields
1968 Tony Hawk
1966 Stephen Baldwin
1962 Emilio Estevez
1961 Ving Rhames
1948 Steve Winwood
1937 George Carlin
1936 Tom Snyder
1929 Burt Bacharach
1925 Yogi Berra
1907 Katharine Hepburn
1820 Florence Nightingale
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Default Which famous people were born on your birthday?

Heat - DnetMHZ
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Default Which famous people were born on your birthday?

Complete list for June 9th

Side-note: Charles Dickens died on June 9th.
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Default Which famous people were born on your birthday?

Originally posted by: MrDingleDangle
Al Leiter
Weird Al Yankovic
Johnny Carson

Also Michael Crichton
Ang Lee
Dwight Yoakam
Gertrude Ederle

Happy tomorrow birthday to us.
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Default Which famous people were born on your birthday?

Short list:

Emperor Napoleon III of France
Adolf Hitler
Andy Serkis

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Default Which famous people were born on your birthday?

March 30th:

1983 - Scott Moffatt
1979 - Norah Jones
1976 - Matt Doran
1968 - Celine Dion
1964 - Ian Ziering
1962 - M.C. Hammer
1957 - Paul Reiser
1945 - Eric Clapton
1940 - Astrud Gilberto
1937 - Warren Beatty
1930 - John Astin
1930 - Rolf Harris
1930 - Peter Marshall
1913 - Frankie Laine
1853 - Vincent Van Gogh

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Default Which famous people were born on your birthday?

Originally posted by: sciwizam
Short list:

Emperor Napoleon III of France
Adolf Hitler
Andy Serkis
Man that's a bloody birthday.
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Default Which famous people were born on your birthday?

Originally posted by: Deeko
Madonna....Elvis died as well.
Same here...

Babe Ruth died also...
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Default Which famous people were born on your birthday?

Dec 3.

Ozzy and Brendan Fraser.

imdb list
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Default Which famous people were born on your birthday?

Trevor Linden!
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Default Which famous people were born on your birthday?

Originally posted by: MetalMat
December 5th:

Walt Disney
Martin Van Buren
Joe Namath
Little Richard

Nuff said
You left off Custer, Heisenberg, Strom Thurmond, Otto Preminger, Jim Plunkett
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Default Which famous people were born on your birthday?

Born on Oct 31:
1931 - Dan Rather, American news anchor
1936 - Michael Landon, actor (d. 1991)
1950 - John Candy, Canadian comedian and actor (d. 1994)
1959 - Neal Stephenson, author
1961 - Peter Jackson, New Zealand film director

Died on Oct 31:
1984 - Indira Gandhi, prime minister of India
1993 - River Phoenix, actor
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Default Which famous people were born on your birthday?

April 18th

Conan O'Brien
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Default Which famous people were born on your birthday?

Lots of things happened

1547 - Miguel de Cervantes, novelist (Don Quixote)
1940 - John [Winston/Ono] Lennon, rocker/Beatle (Imagine)
1941 - Trent Lott, (Rep-R-MS, 1973- )
1954 - Scott Bakula, St Louis MO, actor (Quantum Leap, Gung Ho, Murphy Brown)
1979 - Brandon Routh, New Superman
1981 - Zachery Ty Bryan, Denver CO, actor (Brad-Home Improvement)
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Default Which famous people were born on your birthday?

* 1747 - Jean-François Rewbell, French politician (d. 1807)
* 1765 - Harman Blennerhassett, Irish lawyer
* 1870 - Louis Vierne, organist (d. 1937)
* 1887 - Huntley Gordon, pioneer Hollywood actor (d. 1956)
* 1889 - C. E. Woolman, founder of Delta Air Lines
* 1890 - Edward Rickenbacker, ace fighter pilot (d. 1973)
* 1895 - Juan Perón, former president of Argentina (d. 1974)
* 1901 - Doris Allen, Founder of CISV organization (d. 2002)
* 1901 - Eivind Groven, Norwegian composer and ethnomusicologist (d. 1977)
* 1917 - Walter Lord, author (d. 2002)
* 1917 - Billy Conn, boxer (d. 1993)
* 1920 - Frank Herbert, American science fiction writer (d. 1986)
* 1928 - Bill Maynard, British actor
* 1930 - Toru Takemitsu, composer (d. 1996)
* 1932 - Ray Reardon, Welsh snooker player
* 1938 - Fred Stolle, tennis champion
* 1939 - Paul Hogan, Australian actor
* 1941 - Jesse Jackson, American reverend and civil rights activist
* 1943 - Chevy Chase, American comedian, actor
* 1943 - R. L. Stine, author
* 1946 - Dennis Kucinich, Congressman and Presidential Candidate
* 1947 - Tony Wilson, bassist, singer
* 1948 - Johnny Ramone, rock and roll musician (d. 2004)
* 1949 - Sigourney Weaver, American actress
* 1950 - Robert Bell, bassist and singer with Kool & the Gang
* 1954 - Michael Dudikoff, actor
* 1956 - Stephanie Zimbalist, actress
* 1959 - Nick Bakay actor/comedian, voice of Salem the Cat in Sabrina
* 1964 - CeCe Winans, singer
* 1965 - Ardal O'Hanlon, Irish comedian
* 1968 - Toni Braxton, singer
* 1970 - Matt Damon, actor
* 1976 - Renate Groenewold, Dutch speed skater
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