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Old 01-24-2008, 06:00 AM   #1
Join Date: Jan 2004
Posts: 118
Default Toshiba Satellite BIOS password

My GF inherited a Toshiba Satellite MN: PSAA8U-0ER02K. I started it up last night and was futzing with settings as it was all superbig text used previously by her elderly aunt (RIP Aunt Ester). I got to the XP screen where her profile could be selected and thank goodness it was not password protected. When I went to reboot after changing some display and sound settings, I pressed F2 for boot options and thats when it locked down and now will not pass that password entry screen. It is a Phoenix BIOS and when you start up it goes to a Toshiba splash, with Phoenix at the bottom then goes to a blue dialog box for password entry. I have tried everything I know of. It will power down after 3 incorrect entries.

Thanks for your thoughts.


*****edit----anyone know how to use Keydisk?

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Old 01-24-2008, 06:09 PM   #2
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Default Toshiba Satellite BIOS password

Toshibas are tough. One possible way is to download the latest BIOS from T's website and then flash the BIOS on that Satellite. You may end up having to send it in to Toshiba.
You can try all of these as well . . .

CorkyG - Tucson, AZ

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Old 01-25-2008, 04:17 AM   #3
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Default Toshiba Satellite BIOS password

Looks like your GF has an A105-S4054.

This is a known bug on some Toshiba lappies - and one of the reasons I updated my A215 BIOS 4 times in the last few months!

Not sure if this is what happened to you, but...

Applicable Models: Satellite A100-ST8211, A100-SP471, A100-ST1042, A100-ST1041, A105-S4001, A105-S4002, A105-S4004, A105-S4014, A105-S4051, A105-S4094, A105-S4144, A105-S4034, A105-S4054, A105-S4102, A105-S4124, A105-S4114, A105-S4132, A105-S4134, A105-S4064, A105-S4024, A105-S4211, A105-S4201, A105-S4092, A105-S4084, A105-S4184, A105-S4194, A105-S4174, A105-S4164, A105-S4154, A105-S4342, A105-S4284, A105-S4274, A105-S4254, A105-S4244, A105-S4214, A105-S4204, A105-S4104, A105-S4074, A105-S4547, A105-S4334, A105-S4304, A105-S4294, A105-S4364, A105-S4344, A105-S4021, A105-S4031, A105-S4012, A105-S4011, A105-S4397, A105-S4374, A105-S4384, A105-S4022, A110-ST1111, A130-ST1311, A130-ST1312, A130-ST1313, A135-S2246, A135-S2256, A135-S2266, A135-S4499, A135-S4498, A135-S4488, A135-S4478, A135-S4507, A135-S4487, A135-S4477, A135-S4467, A135-S4457, A135-S2396, A135-S2386, A135-S4637, A135-S4527, A135-S2356, A135-S2346, A135-S2336, A135-S2376, A135-S2326, A135-S4517, A135-S2306, A135-S4727, A135-S4677, A135-S4666, A135-S4656, A135-S2426, A135-S4447, A135-S4437, A135-S4427, A135-S4417, A135-S4407, A135-S2296, A135-S2286, A135-S2276, A200-ST2041, A200-ST2042, A205-S4617, A205-S4639, A205-S4618, A205-S4567, A205-S4577, A205-S4587, A205-S4597, A205-S4629, A205-S7459, A205-S7458, A205-S7456, A205-S7443, A205-S7442, A205-S4797, A205-S4787, A205-S4777, A205-S4707, A205-S7468, A205-S7466, A205-S7464, A205-S4607, A205-S4578, A205-S4557, A205-S4537, A205-S4638, L35-SP1011, L35-S2194, L35-S2174, L35-S2161, L35-S2316, L35-S2366, L35-S2206, L35-S2171, L35-S1054, L35-S2151, M200-ST2001, M200-ST2002, M205-S3207, M205-S3217, P100-ST7111, P100-ST1071, P100-ST9612, P100-ST9412, P100-ST7211, P105-S921, P105-S6002, P105-S6014, P105-S6054, P105-S6034, P105-S9337, P105-S6227, P105-S6217, P105-S6207, P105-S6197, P105-S6187, P105-S6177, P105-S6167, P105-S6157, P105-S6147, P105-S6134, P105-S6124, P105-S6114, P105-S6104, P105-S6102, P105-S6062, P105-S6022, P105-S6084, P105-S6064, P105-S6024, P105-S9312, P105-S6004, P105-S6012, P200-ST2071, P205-S6297, P205-S6298, P205-S6247, P205-S6287, P205-S6257, P205-S6267, P205-S6237
Tecra A7-S712, A7-S612, A7-ST7711, A7-ST7712, A7-ST5112


The computer models listed above may display a "Password =" prompt when the computer is turned on, even though no power-on password has been set. If this happens, there is no password that will satisfy the password request. If the computer is turned off and back on again, it is very likely that the same password prompt will appear. The computer will be unusable until this problem is fixed.

If the problem has not happened yet, you can prevent it from happening in the future by upgrading the BIOS to the newest version.

The occurrence of this problem on any particular computer is unpredictable -- it may never happen, but it could happen any time that the computer is turned on. If this problem does occur, it will be necessary to send the computer to a Toshiba Authorized Service Provider, who will fix the problem at no charge to you.


If this problem has not yet occurred on your computer, then click the following link to download and install BIOS version 1.40. This BIOS displays a power-on password prompt only when a power-on password has actually been set via the BIOS Setup program.

You may also browse for a newer version of the computer's BIOS at pcsupport.toshiba.com.

For more help, see Support Bulletin 98081213 Obtaining downloads and support docs from the Toshiba Support website.

If the problem has already occurred on your computer, then please make arrangements with a Toshiba Authorized Service Provider to have this problem fixed at no charge. To locate a Toshiba Authorized Service Provider (ASP), please visit Toshiba's Global ASP Locator at http://pcrepair.toshiba.com
BTW, I've heard that this only happens when you boot up on battery power.

Maybe you can confirm this...
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Old 01-25-2008, 06:48 AM   #4
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Default Toshiba Satellite BIOS password

battery power, huh?

Come to think of it, I have only tried to boot on battery so far...

will try the AC when I get home...

Vin - you got yours resolved with BIOS updates?

How very exciting that Aunt Ester's ghost may not have fuxored the lapster!

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Old 01-29-2008, 05:15 PM   #5
Junior Member
Join Date: Jan 2008
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Default Toshiba Satellite BIOS password

Once I had a similar problem with a client, also a toshiba although cant remember the model. Can't be sure if all models have it, but in two different toshiba models I've seen a BIOS reset "jumper". Its not actually a jumper as in mATX mainboards but is two soldering points in the board than need to be shorted with a metallic instrument.

Check this site it might help.

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Old 02-09-2008, 07:39 PM   #6
Junior Member
Join Date: Feb 2008
Posts: 1
Default Toshiba Satellite BIOS password

Greetings to all,

I have a Satellite M200 with Password and browsed all over to find a way to remove the lock. Can anyone help?

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Old 07-24-2008, 01:40 AM   #7
Join Date: Jul 2008
Posts: 7
Default Toshiba Satellite BIOS password

Hello i work as a certified technician in Toshiba i can unlock ANY MODEL of toshiba. If anyone have questions feel free to write me to conradodav@hotmail.com.

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Old 07-25-2008, 03:01 PM   #8
JeffreyLebowski's Avatar
Join Date: Aug 2000
Posts: 15,507
Default Toshiba Satellite BIOS password

Pull the battery and look for a trap door in the spot that the battery was in. Some models have a trap door that has access to the CMOS battery. If you can get to it, unplug it and let it sit for a bit, put the cmos battery back in and then the system battery and try. I've had to walk people through this when they were in China and put a BIOS password on their laptop because they thought the Chinese government was going to steal our company secrets from our laptops.
I am the 1%. Sweet.
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Old 04-12-2011, 02:24 PM   #9
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Default Toshiba P205-S6337 Bios password reset

Easy fix here, Pull Memory cover off of machine. Take the memory out and then pull clear mylar back gently till you see J1 on bottom of motherboard. Just short this jumper with paper clip for a few seconds. Next put machine back together and turn machine on, It will then let you into bios to set time and date. Set these and save changes and exit.

Your Done !!
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Old 02-24-2012, 09:26 PM   #10
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I found this website to be helpful:


For the Toshiba Satellite
L35 s2194

Model No. Model #
PSL33U 027005

I was able to use the following, Note that my model was not listed. Maybe these instrutions were posted prior to the release of L35 series.


Satellite L10, L20, L30 & Satellite Pro L20

With notebook turned off;
  • Open Wi-Fi Cover
  • Locate & Short Out JP1 for 15 Seconds(Satellite L10)
  • Satellite L20/Pro L20 short out G1
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Old 11-26-2013, 07:31 PM   #11
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Smile Hack BIOS

If you are trying to enter the BIOS take note of the code e.g 19635 and take that code to http://www.bios-pw.org and enter the code there and it will give you the BIOS backdoor passwords or you could use the cmos_clr1 e.g. the toshiba satellite m100 cmos_clr1 is located under the ram chip just short that for about fifteen seconds to reset the bios completely no passwords or anything.
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