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Old 02-27-2013, 10:35 PM   #1
Join Date: Feb 2013
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Default What ram should I get??

What 8GB (max 1600mhz or less) 2x4gb ram (Due to mobo limit) i should get? Budget for this $50 or less

Phenom x6 1045t 3.5ghz
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Windows 7 64bit
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Old 02-28-2013, 12:37 AM   #2
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Unless you have specific needs, can't go wrong with anything that runs at the industry standard 1.5v for DDR3. There is nothing magical about RAM (unless it is the Samsung "Magic" RAM ). Just buy the cheapest that is fast enough (in your case 1600MHz) and is 1.5v, and is the capacity you want.
The best way to future-proof is to save money and spend it on future products. (Ken g6)

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Old 02-28-2013, 01:01 AM   #3
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it's cool looking and works, but check your local bestbuy, I got corsair vengeance 2x4gb 1600mhz for $30 because it was on sale
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Old 02-28-2013, 05:11 AM   #4
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Originally Posted by johnnysti08 View Post
What ram should I get??
Originally Posted by Blain View Post
If I were shopping for high quality memory, I would use the following parameters as a guide...

* DDR3 rated at 1.5v or lower
* DDR3 rated at the lowest CAS I could afford
* DDR3 rated at the highest clock speed I could afford
* Limit the scope of my purchease to G.Skill, Mushkin, Samsung, Corsair XMS or Crucial (non-Ballistix)

While not wavering on the voltage point, I would balance the other issues with my budget.

Remember, my goal is not pure "benchmarking" performance, but simply finding the highest quality memory I can afford.
Originally Posted by Blain View Post
The only reason I pay a premium for low latency, high speed, low voltage memory is...
Quality and quality alone.
Originally Posted by Blain View Post
1.5v is the JEDEC DDR3 voltage standard.
Stay with 1.5v or less if you can afford it..
What he said
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Old 03-01-2013, 04:01 AM   #5
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Originally Posted by Zap View Post
There is nothing magical about RAM (unless it is the Samsung "Magic" RAM ).
I buy Samsung RAM so I don't have to wonder if any computer problems are due to the RAM.
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Old 03-01-2013, 04:54 AM   #6
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also, are you adding or replacing? if adding is your current mem 1.5 or 1.65, you may run into problems if it's 1.65 tho most likely not. you will want to set it to the lower voltage.

I move 2 sets of 1.65v dimms from a pair of amd boards to a pair of z77 boards and just lowered the voltage to 1.5 without issues.
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