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Old 01-30-2013, 11:53 AM   #1
Platinum Member
Rakewell's Avatar
Join Date: Feb 2005
Location: New York, NY
Posts: 2,415
Default "Geforce Experience"... Anyone use this?

Just saw this:


Auto-Optimize Your Games

Want to know the best settings to play your games? GeForce Experience will figure it out for you. GeForce Experience connects you to NVIDIA’s cloud datacenter to download optimal game settings tailored to your PC based on your CPU, GPU and monitor. Optimal settings maximize image quality while maintaining great performance so you get the best experience. A built-in interactive screenshot viewer helps you learn more about each setting and their benefits.
I usually just set game settings manually. Anyone using this app? Are there any benefits?
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Old 01-30-2013, 12:16 PM   #2
Diamond Member
Zeze's Avatar
Join Date: Mar 2011
Posts: 7,846

I highly doubt it.

Not everyone has the same standard for the best performance to graphics ratio. And anyone even remotely better than a casual gamer will tweak settings in all aspects to make it better.
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Old 01-30-2013, 12:27 PM   #3
KaOTiK's Avatar
Join Date: Feb 2001
Location: FL
Posts: 10,884

Nope, just doesn't sound appealing to me. Some features on games will take a big FPS hit when bumped up while others wont and it isn't the same for each game a lot of times. Also sometimes turning down a feature from high to medium for some games shows minimal difference in visual quality but can increase performance quite a bit.
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Old 01-30-2013, 12:34 PM   #4
Diamond Member
BrightCandle's Avatar
Join Date: Mar 2007
Posts: 4,763

I tried it when it was in alpha to see what it did. The few games I tested with their settings (I was using lower settings than them that I had tweaked when playing the game) sometimes resulted in fps below 30. Planet side 2 needs to be tweaked for that 100v100 battle, because when your in it you need more than a slide show to stay alive.

So overall I wasn't impressed, it was choosing settings that resulted in a bad experience. They had done a worse job of optimising than I had and I try to turn as little down as possible and focus on the stuff that usually causes problems, I don't fully get into which setting is bad in a game I might just drop a whole preset and tweak from there lighting or AA.
I no longer frequent these forums.
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Old 05-25-2013, 04:01 PM   #5
Platinum Member
DeadFred's Avatar
Join Date: Jun 2011
Posts: 2,521

Just updated my drivers today and saw this geforce experience option. I didnt try it since I have all my games set up they way I like and figured it would just ruin them for me. LOL
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