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Old 01-03-2013, 07:22 AM   #1
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Default how to use syslog watcher with tplink router W8960N

I have a long-standing problem with my broadband internet connection where once every few weeks it has a "bad day" and drops the connection a lot. I've replaced the modem with a TPLINK W8960N and the local phone company have installed a splitter and they have also swapped me to a different pair of wires that go to the cabinet a couple of blocks away where the connection changes to fibre.

I've discovered that the router has a diagnostics logging option which lets me log errors to a local queue and also to a remote device. I've installed syslog watcher from snmpsoft on my PC but I can't get any messages to appear in the syslog watcher window.

I don't know how to configure syslog watcher to get this to work. My router lets me configure an IP address for remote logging and a UDP port. The UDP port defaults to 514 and matches what syslog watcher is expecting. What IP address am I supposed to put? IPConfig tells me the "Ethernet Adaptor Local Area Connection" has an IPV4 address of and a default gateway of I've tried both of these and neither seem to work.

In syslog watcher, I start it in the mode "manage local syslog server" - is that correct? - or should I run it as a "standalone application" ?

On the router, I can see messages such as "kernel intrusion" turning up in the log but nothing appears in the syslog watcher window. Any ideas how to get it working?
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Old 01-16-2013, 07:57 PM   #2
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Default Most likely, Windows firewall blocks incoming UDP/514 traffic

1. You should allow incoming UDP:514 traffic in Windows firewall settings. It's blocked by default.

2. Make sure that "UDP:514" label in the status bar is black. Red color means some issues.

The "manage local syslog server" mode is intended to use/configure a dedicated Windows service for collecting syslogs. While the "standalone application" is for quick tests, as it uses built-in syslog server implementation (does not affect any service settings).
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