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Old 12-07-2012, 10:25 PM   #101
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Originally Posted by Elganja View Post
Windows System Image works too ...
Yea, and it's free with Pro.
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Old 12-08-2012, 02:15 AM   #102
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From my experience Creating and Dumping Win7 Ultimate using Ghost v8 Corp Images from a DOS Boot, I have no issues when over-writing the existing Partition from which the Image was cloned from; however, if I re-size the Partition, say using FDisk, I will get exactly what you experience were Win will boot into a Vacant DeskTop and complain the copy is Not Genuine and there is no way out of it.

When you change the Size of the OS Partition on the same HDD or use a different HDD Windows detects this and has to build a driver, in doing so OOBE is Tripped and WGA Activates. You might get around WGA "Copy NOT Genuine" if you back date the System Clock so that it falls within the 30 Day Activation Period of when you installed Windows (If you have record of that) and boot into your DeskTop then it's a simple matter of reactivation.

To prevent all this crap you can run System Prep for Migrating Win7 onto different Hardware whether it be a complete New Platform of just repartitioning the OS Drive - Shut down Boot into DOS and Create an Image. Dump the Image into your new Platform or another HDD. When Windows loads it runs the complete Installation and HardWare WiZard and you MUST create a New User LogOn call it "TEST" as you can not use your existing LogOn. When LogOn Window appears choose your Old User Name. Once into the DeskTop, go to CtrlPnl/User Accounts and delete the "TEST" Account and Reboot.

Here's a Tutorial on Migrating Win7 using SYSPREP: http://www.sevenforums.com/tutorials...-computer.html

NOTE: Unlike Win7 and Win7SP1 Installation SetUps, there is no System Prep option if you have used the SP1 HotFIX UpDate.

Another work around may be to Set the System Clock back as mentioned above and Run the Windows SetUp FULL Repair over the Cloned OS before you attempt to Boot it. That's providing you haven't UpGraded to SP1 using the HotFIX UpDate.

Somehow I think this whole issue may be caused from using the Win7sp1 HotFIX UpDate rather then keeping Win7 original or using the Win7SP1 Installation SetUp as System Prep is clearly not functional if you use the SP1 HotFIX UpDate.

Hope this Helps ;o)

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Old 12-08-2012, 12:22 PM   #103
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Location: North Channel, Lake Huron, Ont CDA
Posts: 1,767

Another MESSY NOTE: If you have Partitioned your HDD where C: Partition as Active containing the Boot Files and D : is the Win Installation Directory SYSPREP will ERROR hiding the C: Partition and Load Win on D which is re-assigned as C:. As a result, all Paths in the registry will point to C: Rather then D : and the User DeskTops will be usless as "The system registry contains invalid file paths ..." and Server Error in '/' Applications - At least you don't run into the WGA " Not a Genuine Copy" - LOL

MSFT say you have to Wipe and Rebuild the HDD and load Win in C: with the Hidden Active Boot Partition - In other words, Win has to be installed on C: for SYSPREP to Work so you can Migrate. What BULL - I'm Working on it.

You just might just get away with it if you Dump the Images and before you Reboot run the Win7 Installation in FULL Repair Mode but then I believe you have to reset the Bios Clock to within the 30 Day Trail Period to avoid the WGA "Not a Genuine Copy" Bug and re-activate.

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Old 12-08-2012, 11:05 PM   #104
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Join Date: Nov 2010
Location: North Channel, Lake Huron, Ont CDA
Posts: 1,767

I'm relatively New at Win7 GENERIC Cloning but this is what I've come up with - Hope it's Helpful it does cut out MS Crap:

NOTES: You can only do this with either a Win7 or Win7SP1 OS

The procedure will not work on a Win7 OS that has been
UpDated with the Win7SP1 HotFIX Update if you using a Win7 Install Disk; however a Win7SP1 UpGrade Install may work - I haven't tried it but I believe SYSPREP was permanently Broken with the SP1 HotFIX and can NOT be Fixed..

You will note SYSPREP does not function on Win7
that has been UpDated with the SP1 HotFIX.

If your OS Specific's are such that the Active BOOT Partition
is Labeled C and the Win7 is installed to Partition D SYSPREP will
NOT Work for Migrating as MS has ensured that it won't.
You end up with all System Registry Paths routed to C
rather then D. The DeskTop is USELESS and there Ain't NO Fix.

The Win7 Install Partition does NOT have to be Active. If you
Clean Install Win 7 to D, the Boot Member Files will
automatically go to the Active Partition C.

The Following Method is very Similar to the operation I used
to Migrate Win95 way back in the Day.

1/ With Win SP1 UpDated in GUI run GSP1RMCULFRER_EN_DVD\Setup.EXE

2/ Select to "UPGRADE"

Expanding Windows Files (Basically copy's the INSTALL.WIM file to
the Installed Partition(D in this Case). At 21% the Setup Reboots.

During the ReBoot process, slip in a WinME Boot Disk that will take
you to DOS Command Prompt (A : \ > using a Floppy or a Bootable CD)
and Browse to GHOST.EXE with it's Config'd INI stored in a FAT32
Partition on your system and Image Partition CACHE (C) FAT32 and
WIN7 (D) which is NTFS. I usually Span the files at 700MB's.

[These 2 GHO Images are your Win7SP1 Generic Installation Files]

You can Burn them to a WinME Bootable DVD with GHOST.EXE OnBoard.

I also recommend you use a least a 5GB FAT32 BOOT (C) and a NTFS
40GB WIN7 (D) Partition. Your New Drives, Depending on the Media and
Size, can be Partitioned and Formatted to your needs before hand with
FDisk, GDisk or DISKPART - NOTE: DISKPART effectively aligns SSD
Partitions and you should leave 25% of the SSD Vacant for TRIM Control.

Why do I want the Boot Partition Visible and Labelled BOOT (C)
with WIN7 (D) NTFS. The Boot partition is FAT32, You can DOS Boot
to C : \ >, Flash Firmware, Assign Program Buffers, DOS ATTACK WIN7
at your desecration and minimize OS Fragmenting ;o)

3/ You can now Over-Write C and D with your BackUp Images and Boot
into your Original Version of Windows.

4/ Upon Dumping the BOOT (C) and WIN7 (D) GHO images over any
respectively Partitioned Drive and or New Hardware the Setup will
run as Follows upon Booting:

NOTE: You do not have to format the OS Partition NTFS GHOST 7 and
later does this on the Fly.

Runs CheckDisk on C and Reboots 2 Times before the Welcome Screen
and your DeskTop - Fully Functional the way you left it.
I Do not use a LogOn PassWord.

Your Windows CDKey is Required

5/ The DeskTop will note that you have a "NONE Genuine Copy of Windows"
If you Check My Computer/Properties you will also see that you
"MUST Activate within 24 Hours" If you had set the BIOS Clock Back
to the Date of the of the Original Installation you would more then
likely have 30 Days grace to Activate - No Matter 24 hours is plenty
time to Activate. I recommend that you do it during this 1st Session.

Before you Activate I suggest you first delete the OLD GDLR Loader
in the Route Directory of C.

Just a further NOTE:

If Win7 LIVE! detects a change in Hardware, specifically the Partition on which Win7 is installed whether you are changing the Main Drive, Re-Partitioning the OS Drive or dumping the Image onto a New Platform, WGA will Engage and you will have to Re-Activate.

Since we have to Re-Activate under the above scenario anyway, I've elected to use the above method that will work Generically under most all situations,

Just make sure you have Loaded the Win7 Image or have Ready Access to whatever obscure IDE, SATA, RAID or SSD Controller Driver that Win7 does not Embed Natively that may be required for your New Platform to Boot.

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Old 12-10-2012, 12:00 PM   #105
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This is all so much more work than using Acronis TI, IMHO. Boot off of the Acronis Recovery CD and follow the easy GUI prompts, automated cloning and be done. I have used Acronis approximately 35 times in 2 years to clone disks (usually for customers and backups) without a problem, unless the source drive was going bad. Even then I had decent luck with Acronis.

See my earlier post from a few years ago in this thread...Ghost worked for me, but Acronis is easier and a higher success rate each time.

All the other info is cool to know though...
Top box: i3570K, Gigabyte X77-UD5H, 2x8 GB Corsair RAM, 160 GB Intel 320, Radeon 6870 1GB, Asgard beams, F302s and hyperdrive (dealer installed).

Plus about 4 other boxes that all serve a purpose.

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Old 12-10-2012, 04:05 PM   #106
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Location: North Channel, Lake Huron, Ont CDA
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ATIH with Plus Pkg setup is approx 292 MB's. GHOST v8 Corp for example, including Console with Server setup is approx 70MB's.

If you don't want the Viewer, Console and Server, just copy the Registered DOS GHOST.EXE to another location and use it then Uninstall the Program.

GHOST.EXE is only 1.32 MB's and can do everything out side of Windows in a DOS environment from a Floppy, if you still use one - Very handy for me personally, accompanied with a WinME Boot Disk on a Bootable Optic or USB Device.

Really all you need is a Bootable 16 MB USB Flash Drive formatted FAT32 and carry your whole system with you ready to Prepare Media Drives and Load your System onto any Platform within minutes. If you want to carry extra data like the Win7 and Program SetUps Plus Personal Info a 32MB or 2 x's 16MB Flash Drives would be more then enough.
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Old 12-10-2012, 04:38 PM   #107
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I am an Acronis fan now but was Ghost user for years. Since the SSD era Ghost had trouble catching up with the "aligned" partions and Acronis seemed to be a step ahead. I also like Acronis now because I use it for cloning as well as disk backups, so one boot disk for multiple functions.

So, I have not seen this problem before with Win7 Ultimate before. I am getting a new SSD this week and will be trying to get the image off a disk drive to copy to the ssd so I will see what happens. Only thing is this is for my windows 8 box.
2600k @ 4.6GHz / Asrock Xtreme 4 / Tunic Tower / 8GB Ripjaws X 1600 9-9-9-24 1T / Corsair HX750W / Samsung 840 Pro SSD / Samsung F3 2x 1TB Matrix RAID / eVGA SC GTX570 / Cooler Master HAF 912 / Win7 Ultimate x64 / MyEvals

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Old 12-10-2012, 05:06 PM   #108
Bill Brasky
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These work very well. Just a HDD->SSd cloning kit.
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Old 12-10-2012, 05:07 PM   #109
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Problem with dos ghost is that it lacks support for newer devices. Accessing network/usb drives was a pain. Acronis bootable media handles all this by itself.

@Z15CAM, while your process probably works, it's just way too involved.
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Old 12-10-2012, 05:27 PM   #110
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Location: North Channel, Lake Huron, Ont CDA
Posts: 1,767

Agree DOS Gost.exe is OLD Tech but it works. I've just acquired Acronis TI Home 2013 with Plus Pkg - Will be giving it a try over the next few months although I really hate to give up DOS ;o)

As far as Ghost Imaging on SSD's is concerned you can prepare the SSD with DiskPart from the Win7 SetUp before dumping the Image's. Just wish you could mount only the DiskPart Utility separately on a Bootable Device; however, DiskPart is on the Win7 System Repair Disc which can be burnt to a CD by Typing "system repair disc" in Search Programs and only 142 MB's. The partition created by Diskpart on the WIN7 Repair CD will aligned at 1024kb by default and is a valid alignment for SSD's.

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Old 12-10-2012, 07:42 PM   #111
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Originally Posted by Gillbot View Post
Umm, i've done this three times already with Acronis. I think it was the version provided by WD for free.
I've done it twice in the last two weeks with Acronis as well. Boot from the bootable media, find the backed up image, restore it, and reboot-good as new.

BTW, the copy of Ghost 15 supplied with my Samsung 830 failed completely in this task.
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Old 12-10-2012, 08:45 PM   #112
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Posts: 1,767

The bloated GHOST GUI is NFG - I'm referring to GHOST.EXE the 1.32MB Dos application. It's totally external to WinGUI. You Dos boot and load it to RAM.

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