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Old 12-04-2012, 12:40 PM   #1
Golden Member
Join Date: Jun 2007
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Default AMD Catalyst™ 12.11 Beta Driver 11

  • Improves performance in Far Cry 3 (up to 25% with 8xMSAA, SSAO enabled @ 1600p, and up to 15% with 8xMSAA, HDAO enabled @1600p) (AMD Catalyst 12.11 CAP2 must also be installed)
  • Resolves a sporadic system hang encountered with a single AMD Radeon HD 7000 Series GPU seen on X58 and X79 chipsets.
  • Resolves an intermittent hang encountered with AMD Radeon HD 7000 Series GPUs in a CrossFire Eyefinity setup.
  • Resolves image corruption found in certain DirectX 9.0c titles
  • Resolve missing fonts issue in XBMC
  • Resolves no video issue found in Media Player Classic Home Cinema when using full or half floating point processing
  • Resolves stability issues found in the previous AMD Catalyst 12.11 Beta8 driver for Linux
  • For users experiencing issues with HDMI Audio under Ubuntu 12.04, users should try installing the “dkms-hda - 0.201211291615~precise1” package from https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-a...aily/+packages and reboot; this will resolve the HDMI Audio issue found in Ubuntu 12.04
  • AMD Catalyst 12.11 CAP2 has just been released, and should be used in conjunction with AMD Catalyst 12.11 Beta11
  • Improves Far Cry 3 performance for single GPU configurations with AA enabled
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Old 12-04-2012, 01:07 PM   #2
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another one... lol

That's like 15 since I bought my 6870 X2
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Old 12-04-2012, 04:24 PM   #3
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Originally Posted by Mfusick View Post
another one... lol

That's like 15 since I bought my 6870 X2
You do realize that more than 15 games are released every year, and bug fixes are always good right?
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Old 12-04-2012, 04:45 PM   #4
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Both AMD and NVIDIA have released new drivers very recently that make some tangible steps forward in gaming performance. How does it change the face of gaming for this Christmas? Simply put, AMD's new "Never Settle" Catalyst 12.11 drivers are excellent. As we experienced in our initial evaluation, these drivers have helped propel the AMD equivalent GPUs over that of NVIDIA’s. We were surprised how much faster CrossFireX really is compared to SLI in today's games in triple-display gaming at high resolutions. There is a distinct performance advantage for Radeon HD 7970 GHz Edition CrossFireX compared to GTX 680 SLI. We still however "feel" there is also a distinct smoothness advantage with SLI that AMD has yet to capture. This is subjective call, but all [H]ardOCP editors agree on this.

So, I guess these are pretty good.
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Old 12-04-2012, 10:01 PM   #5
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I'll give these a try. Beta 8 caused blue screens when loading any 3D program on my rig for some reason.
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Old 12-05-2012, 02:45 AM   #6
Memory and Storage
Video Cards and Graphics
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any improvements for cayman?
Anandtech Moderator
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Old 12-06-2012, 02:55 AM   #7
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First time trying the 12.11 beta drivers. Something definitely weird is going on here.

When my monitor goes to sleep, my 7870's fans intermittently spin up to full speed for a split second, and then spin back down. Over and over. Like there's this pulsing whhiirrr noise that fades in and out every few seconds.

When I move my mouse and wake the monitor back up, it goes away.

Also, the monitor sleeping itself has some odd issues. Sometimes, rather than stopping the video signal completely, the card just displays a full-black image. And just a few minutes ago, it went to sleep normally, but then the monitor randomly came back on by itself and the video card displayed just a black image. When I moved the mouse, it went back to normal again.

Kinda disturbing. I'm reverting back to 12.10 for now.
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Old 12-06-2012, 08:46 AM   #8
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The 12.11 drivers fixed a big problem for me.

I run Windows 8 and the 12.10 drivers would cause a memory leak about 15-20 minutes into any BF3 gaming session. All of a sudden my RAM usage would go to 100% and the game would lock up. I'd ctrl+alt+del and look at the performance and no program was using more than say 25% of my ram, and all the total ram usage didn't even come close to the 8 GB. Did some bing searches and lots of people were having the same issue. Updating to these drivers fixed it.
My Rig:
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8GB (4x2gb) DDR3 1600 RAM | XFX 4GB 380
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Old 12-06-2012, 08:59 AM   #9
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Originally Posted by VulgarDisplay View Post
You do realize that more than 15 games are released every year, and bug fixes are always good right?
Yeah, but at this point it's been like 12-13 in the last month and a half!

I got the day off, gonna run some errands and then dump 12.10 Beta 10 for 12.10 Beta 11, hopefully they fixed the profile panel issue.

Everything else aside that for the games I play currently have been fine.

*knock on wood
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