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Old 11-18-2012, 03:09 PM   #1
Junior Member
Join Date: Nov 2012
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Default HELP WITH PCB Design


I make a circuit for 12vdc with one switch to go 12 postive then hit button goes 12 neg
but I do not know how to do PCB layout can anyone help me with this design
I attached to pic if the circuit and the relay drawing any help please thanks so much


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Old 11-20-2012, 07:27 PM   #2
Join Date: May 2007
Posts: 59

look up and download Eagle PCB. It's free and pretty easy to use as long as you arent fabricating multi layer boards. The parts library has a decent selection of part footprints, but youll probably want to design your own eventually. There are a lot of tutorials, good luck.
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Old 11-20-2012, 08:08 PM   #3
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Double pole, double throw switch is all you need my man.
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Old 11-22-2012, 06:32 AM   #4
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Hi worlda, i recommend the PCB Tutorials ans Trainings EAGLE is offering.
I'm sure you can find your answers easily there.
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Old 11-22-2012, 11:05 AM   #5
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As far as getting boards made, there's either EAGLE, as was mentioned before, or ExpressPCB.

If you get EAGLE, you'll need to go through the process of exporting Gerber files. For getting boards made, JET Technologies has a decent prototype service. It's usually been a flat rate of $60 for any size up to 50 square inches. You get a double-sided board that's got green soldermask on both sides, and can have white silkscreen on one or both sides also. Note that they will not panelize boards for you. What you give them is exactly what you get back. Also, they aren't always great about auto-removing silkscreen from pads. Things like lines will usually be removed, but solid rectangles may not get removed. They also don't want to do anything like milled internal slots. It's a very good price for a small-run type of service like that, especially given the quality of boards you'll get.
Since they accept standard Gerber files, you can use a wide range of software for the design.

ExpressPCB: Proprietary software, proprietary output files, suited specially for their service. Do the board design, the software tells you how much it'll cost, and then you can also order it right away. Their lowest cost boards lack soldermask, but they are all tinned. The software isn't too sophisticated though, and last I knew, it lacks any kind of error detection. EAGLE, for example, can tell you if you've got unconnected pins, or a few other types of schematic errors; on the PCB level, it can detect colliding traces, or other erroneous overlaps.

Instructionals: I'll bet that Sparkfun has some good information.

Or...yeah, the DPDT switch thing. But that's no fun.
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Old 11-25-2012, 10:52 PM   #6
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Eagle is certainly a good choice, but not the only one. Go to your local library (the largest branch in your area is a good start) and look for "Nuts and Volts" magazine. Lots of board prototype services place advertisements there. Pick a few ads, go to a few web sites, etc. You can also learn quite a bit by reading that magazine. Give it a go!

I honestly have not done this sort of thing in quite a while. I used to be quite good at Allegro (expensive board design software), but now I just do ASIC design.
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Old 12-20-2012, 11:40 AM   #7
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Charlie - It sounds like Eagle may work for what you're after, but if you're looking for a more robust tool, I'd suggest visiting Mentor Graphic's Virtual Lab, a free online trial of the latest version of DxDesigner (Expedition Enterprise 7.9.4 / PADS 9.5). If you decide to check it out, I'd also suggest looking at the Expedition Enterprise YouTube Channel for DxDesigner demos and tutorials. Hope this helps!
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Old 12-20-2012, 03:29 PM   #8
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He dont just need a switch. He needs a switch and 4 diodes, two caps, and two resistors. That relay is performing a function that cannot be replicated with a simple switch. Look at the schematic. Once the button is pushed, the power to the button is switched away. Fascinating. I'd have to know more about that actuator to know why the circuit works that way. But needless to say he needs some type of board. If this is a one-off project, you can use prototyping board:


That is a link to a 16 by 23 hole (100 mil spacing) piece. It only costs a dollar. IMO everyone should have a few pieces of this stuff in their drawer!
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