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Old 11-09-2012, 03:11 PM   #26
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Originally Posted by OBLAMA2009 View Post
just using the system monitor. i guess memory usage goes up and down a lot. 32 bit never used 2 gigs. right now ive got one chrome window open with six tabs and im using over a gig
It should go up to nearly all of your RAM, then sit there, barring running and closing memory-hogging applications. While it defaults to some automatic value (sqrt(lowmem_kbytes*16)?), Linux keeps a good few MBs free--really free--and does its best to keep all the rest of it in use.

Originally Posted by zoiks View Post
I'm using 12.10 and it's rock solid. No bugginess whatsoever. I used 12.04 and now 12.10 as my main OS.
I was unable to even change the GTK and KDE themes without programs crashing. Nepomuk still hasn't fixed its 100% CPU use bug, either, and still likes to crash (I have the same issue on Arch--it's not Ubuntu causing the problem, but software known to have such problems should not be included yet). PCManFM likes to unceremoniously close when transferring files over the network, too. It's not something new: 9.04 was the last just-released non-LTS Ubuntu I found good enough right after release. They'll get it fixed up, but that can mean GBs/week of updates, and some in-use annoyances, for now.

12.04 LTS, OTOH, is rock solid. All it may have issues with is a slightly old kernel (a problem for virtualization on IB, FI), but anyone likely to encounter such problems aught to be capable of acquiring or building a kernel. Pretty much everything but the kernel itself gets good backports, and there are PPAs for newer kernels.
Originally Posted by moonbogg View Post
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Old 11-10-2012, 04:26 PM   #27
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I use Ubuntu 10.04 64-bit and 12.04 64-bit for my work and home computers. I've had absolutely no problems with either.
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Old 11-10-2012, 04:38 PM   #28
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I've been using Fedora 64bit on core 2 duo and AMD phenom quad core for a month. Rock solid performance. Pretty green on linux. Haven't played any games on it outside of browser games. But, no crashes or slow performance whatsoever.

I use a windows 7 vm for work and it never goes down or give me issues.
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