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Old 11-07-2012, 10:37 AM   #1
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Default anyone have macros on a MS touch mouse?

i'm using it in win8 and the software is awful. nowhere near as good as logitechs.

anyway, i want to (if possible) to set macros for different programs. there's an option but it seems to only allow the macros to be assigned to left or right click.

i want (while in a 3rd party program) to be able to use MS gestures to do diff things.

e.g in:
MPC, 2 fingers up = full screen, 2 down equals window mode
opera - 2 down = open link in new tab. 2 up = save image.

stuff like that. is that doable with the MS software cos i dont' see how

ooh, also - the swipe to the right to see recently used programs - is that metro only? doesn't work for desktop apps from what i can tell
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