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Old 11-05-2012, 05:01 AM   #1
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Join Date: Nov 2012
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Default Booting problems with AsRock z77 Extreme 4

Hi there!

I've just built my new system (AsRock z77 Extreme 4, i5-3570k, Asus GTX 660 Ti, SSD Crucial m-4, 4x4gb kingston vengenance DDR3 1600). The first time booted the system entered into the bios (v. 1.2) and everything seemed to work fine. Everything was detected correctly by the bios and no issues was appearing.

I've rebooted and since then everytime I reboot the system enters the bios (no matter which key i'm pressing, e.g. F11 for boot menu). Most of the times the bios itself has problems; everytime that i enter in a menu to change something it goes out immediately (like if there is a key always pressed). The strange thing is that it doesn't do it always! Dr. Debug is stuck to A3 & A6.

Another weird thing is that sometimes it works and I managed to select the option to boot from external dvd reader to install windows. When it mangaes to go over the bios stops with black screen and the dr. debug does not give any sign of life. Other times gives a buzzing dash on black screen with A3 or A6.

If I clear the CMOS sometimes restart working normally (it enters the bios and I have access to all options) but from the second boot the problems starts again. Once, after a CMOS clearing, the system managed to boot onto the DVD but after the first screen windows file loading the screen went black and dr. debug was death. After 5 minutes in front of the black screen I shut down the PC and the problems on the bios reappeared!

Any ideas?

Is it possible that the problem is my very old dinovo logitech keyboard?
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Old 11-05-2012, 07:50 AM   #2
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Try flashing the BIOS to the latest version. See if that helps.
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Old 11-07-2012, 06:25 AM   #3
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Since I am running the exact same board with a 3770k @ 4.7Ghz (full water cooling) with 4x4 GB of memory, I fully believe that one of two things is wrong:

1) You either have a bad stick of memory, or the board is not liking all 4 DIMMS populated @ the Auto voltage for the IMC..I would remove 3 DIMMS, and try booting to see if it is acting normally..

2)If testing the ram one stick at a time does not revile the issue, then I would remove the HSF and cpu and make sure you do not have any bent pins in the socket..It is very easy to bend them, and I had a bent on my older Socket 1366 setup that was causing random BSODs until I found it and was able to straighten it back into place.
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