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Default TRIM in RAID0 for X79 boards available

@ all:
Meanwhile ASRock and GIGABYTE have published the first X79 mainboard BIOSes with the ability to flash an Intel RST RAID ROM of the v11.6 series. A user named snout, owner of a GIGABYTE G1.Assasin X79 board, just has verified, that TRIM is working within his X79 RAID0 system after having flashed the new BIOS containing the Intel RAID ROM v11.6.0.1702. For details you may look >here<.

@ Dufus:
Thank you very much for having published the details regarding the hex codes of the Intel RAID ROM v11.6, which obviously are responsable for the TRIM in RAID0 support. Your investigations paired with your excellent knowledge have shed some light into the secrets regarding the implementation of Intel's "TRIM in RAID0" feature into the actual RAID ROM modules.
If I did understand you correcty, it may be possible to enable the "TRIM in RAID0" feature for all Intel RAID0 systems with an 6- or 7-series chipset by just modifying the related "FLAGS" hex code from "01" resp. "06" to "07".
Here is a screenshot with the related hex codes of the v11.6.0.1702 ROM file after having changed the "FLAGS" (= red hex code pairs):

Is this correct?

Kind Regards and thanks for this amazing thread

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