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Originally Posted by Dufus View Post
6 I would guess would be no SRT as bit 0 is not set. Sorry, I do not know what bits 1 & 2 are specifically. This information was only provided to answer the question of whether or not RAID0 trim is possible on earlier chipsets, and done mainly due to lack of information from Intel. Similar in the way RAID0 trim was first introduced on the 7 series and nobody outside of Intel seemed to know about it even quite sometime after 7 series was released for sale until users btester and Fernando made their findings public some time later.
Thanks for the details. I can confirm that after the modification, Trim worked on my Z68 board with a pair of Vertex 4 in Raid 0.

I used WinHex before and after deleting a file and it looked just like your Vertex screenshots. I didn't have any tool to force a trim so I just used the optimize option in Windows 8.

For the record I have a Asus P8Z68-V Pro with latest offical bios modified with Intel Orom version I tried both RST and with same results.

Thank you again! Maybe one day Intel will release an update with official support for older boards. Meanwhile your mod will do
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