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Originally Posted by Dufus View Post
From these findings I feel very optimistic that Intel would include the other PCH series in a future OROM release otherwise why have they made it so simple to add the other 5 and 6 series boards. I would like to explain this better by posting a small hex output of a few bytes of the OROM but do not know if doing so will have ermm "repercussions". I would be grateful if Anand or a mod would be kind enough to comment on this dilemma, comments from Intel employees who frequent this board would be welcomed too.
OROM/Bios motherboard modifications is not illegal. You can add/remove/modify anything you want to oroms/bioses, as millions have done before you. You do not buy a bios or a licence to one, nor agree to an EULA etc., and even if it did you can still modify the life out of it... Even apple can not deny users of ipone/ipad to modify their software/bioses, only that warranty may be invalidated if you brick your stuff.. The only legal issue with modding is when you try to make money of it, and thats not the issue here..

Post what you changed, so others can do it, if you still cannot kick the fear...

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