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I've been watching these posts on SSD with RAID and TRIM every time I log on to the forums here. And I'd put in tech-support queries to Intel, ASUS and Patriot to sort things out. It actually seems -- for me, anyway -- that (my) concerns about TRIM with RAID-mode BIOS configuration are minor.

Patriot pointed me to a TRIM utility they offer for their Torqx 2 drives, telling me that it works equally for my Pyro. The Pyro is a caching SSD for my ISRT configuration. They tell me it will work under BIOS RAID-mode and ISRT. But I thought I read where the drive (SSD) needs to be visible, partitioned and formatted. The only way it's visible in its current usage is with the IRST software.

All in all, given what the OP shows in his own tests for a P67 motherboard, it almost seems that Intel's own tech-reps don't have their act together on precisely whether TRIM works in RAID0 and ISRT. Or any other RAID configuration, for that matter, per the 6-series boards.
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