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Hi Fernando, no I did not recreate the array with the 11.6 OROM. Do you think it might be beneficial to do so? I can not remember which versions the arrays were created with but the Agility3 array was done quite some time ago.

FYI P67 RAID0 trim only works when using a "modified" OROM. Changing back to the original same version OROM will result in no trim again. For clarity "modified" here means changing the code in the OROM and does not mean using a different version OROM.

Hi Engineer, "rough modification" means I did not delve too deeply into the code but made some quick and crude changes to get P67 trim working while breaking compatibility elsewhere for other boards. IOW it could be done a lot nicer but is good enough as "a proof of concept". There does seem to be some support for X79 by Intel in there as well but perhaps not complete yet. 11.6 also seems to be providing an easy way for Intel to update trim support for other chipset series should they wish to, at least I'd like to think so.
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