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Originally Posted by T_Yamamoto View Post
1) make custom backplates
2) make custom resovior
3) make custom waterblocks for everything, like HDD cooling!
Sounds good - I may end up doing the HDD cooling just for pratice building blocks

Here's another update:

Alright here's an update. Can you say gentle typhoooooooooooooooooooons?

Don't worry they're not all for me. I only have 14 of those plus the 10 I already own.

My waterblocks also came in, thanks again to DT Waterblocks, here they are next to my spare rasa (both my raystorms are still in systems)

You can see there's plenty of room for fittings. On the back you can see the copper base plate is pretty chunky - this should mean it should distribute heat better laterally through the plate but worse directly through it. Not sure the right trade off, but this copper block is the largest I've seen both in terms of area and thickness.

Here's some results from Martin's testing:

Temps in comparison to the raystorm:


Performance is about as good as it gets, but there is some refinement in the mounting system needed. Considering this is their first block produced and itís not only keeping up but lower in restriction than the other blocks says a lot! Overall, I see it as a block with a ton of work and emphasis put into the design and quality of the block itself. That 5Noz is something very special and itís very refreshing to see a design done very differently from the norm that also performs extremely well.
It should be noted that the mounting mechanism now has thumb screws. Next update I'll show you a pic of it mounted.

Anyway the other big news on this update is the exterior panels. Here's some close up shots of the color, it's a dark metallic grey flake with a smooth finish to the touch:

Even closer:

And as much as I can loosely hang on the case without it being clipped on. You can see one motherboard has also been mounted. The TX10 makes EATX look like a MITX lol.

Working with Smasher and Jim on this has been a delight and I highly recommend them
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