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Originally Posted by DynamiteMatt View Post
Hi Mike Gayner,

We manually check the links in the Hot Deals forum daily. I have not been able to reproduce this behavior. You may want to check that you do not have anything else installed that may be disrupting your browsing.

If you could provide a specific example of this happening, I would be happy to look into it.


Dynamite Data
You're just checking one forum?

Linking to NewEgg and other sites is very common in the General Hardware and Computer Help forums where help is provided in recommendations to others for computer upgrades and such. That's where I have run into the problems with a link saying NewEgg and going to CNet's or whatever their crappy site is.

I posted about it, but by the time someone else looked at it it was "fixed" somehow.

Anyway, I will continue not using the redirect to point out products since I prefer for my links to go where I link to and not somewhere else.
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