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Originally Posted by crisscross View Post
Thanks Kaido! Would it be a bad idea to get a Canon S95 instead and use it for video also? how would the video quality compare to something like the Flip or the Kodak you linked to?
Two things:

1. Pretty much anything by Canon is awesome
2. In general, P&S cameras are much better at video than handhelds like the Playsport

The Canon PowerShot S95 is a beast of a camera. It has 10 megapixels, equivalent 28-105mm zoom, f/2.0-4.9 aperture, can shoot in RAW still format, and do 720p video. As a plus, it also records 720p at 24fps, so you get more of a cinematic look (24fps = film-look, 30fps = smoother, more like commercials or TV shows).

There are certain tradeoffs to going with a point & shoot over a traditional camcorder. Most of them can't do an optical zoom while recording. The S95 does do digital zoom while recording. You're getting 720p instead of 1080p as well, but that's okay for most people. If you don't mind a camera that is a bit larger, the SX200 is $260 on Amazon and has a 12x optical zoom, which gives you more zoom range, and also records at 30fps instead of 24fps.
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