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Originally Posted by Mr. Pedantic View Post
That is not true. The lymphocytes that make up the body's cell-mediated immunity do not inherently recognize the difference between self and non-self antigens. Though lymphocytes recognize only peptides, the body does not need lipids to disguise the presence of proteins. Instead, all the lymphocytes that could possibly be activated by self antigens in the body are screened during maturation by the bone marrow and thymus, and destroyed.

Also, as far as I know there is no effective way to teach the immune system to recognize a new antigen. Unless the genotype HLA complement of an individual were missing a combination that allowed a certain lymphocyte to bind said antigen with any affinity, there is no point - the body can already do this on its own. Vaccines and inoculation do not enhance this, they simply prepare the body for the reinfection with this virus by causing an immune response, which in turn causes the production of memory lymphocytes that can produce a much quicker secondary response in the case of reinfection.
I am bit weary. How do auto immune diseases start then ?
I for example learned from a colleague that he acquired diabetes after he had a virus infection which then caused his immune system to attack the islets of Langerhans. My memory is failing on me because i vaguely remember that someone in Canada who had diabetes had an experimental treatment, where his bone marrow was destroyed. And when he had his transplant, the memory of his immune system was erased and he no longer had diabetes. The same version of diabetes my colleague has.

If he is in, i will ask about it tomorrow.

I think it where the measles , what he aquired. After that he became a diabetic type 1. I will verify it when he is in.

There is some mention about this virus :
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