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Originally Posted by Dribble View Post
I find it pretty insulting Pizza reported happy_medium. I can't see where he did anything wrong - he didn't just post "ATI SUCKS" which would be deemed baiting he just pointed out a problem that a number of users have found in a number of forums which is clearly ok, and completely on topic. I find it pretty dire that the admins not only passively allowed other users to personally insult him but then backed them up and had a go at medium for his comment:

Moderators - read your own sticky. Your job is to stop abusive posting and thread derailing, not comment on the *correctness* of the wording of one users post. You CANNOT go around threatening bans because someone wrote something that wasn't factually correct. If you did pretty well everyone on this forum including yourselves would have had to be banned years ago.
Thank you for posting that - I will read that thread now.

I just wanted to say - factual correction on a subject of BSODing due to drivers is a big issue, at least for me.

If someone told me "don't do this, it will bork your system" chances are high I won't do it. If someone told me "don't do this, it might bork your system" chances are I'd probably try my luck.

Not to mention uneducated readers who may take his comment as a definitive consequence for updating your drivers.

Happy's posts have a history of being pro/anti one color to the other. I think he ruined his credibility in my eyes when he posted inaccurate FRAPs scores to prove his point. After reading the Rollo thread that got necro bumped I'm not surprised how Keys tried to change the subject after Happy got called out.

This is place is corrupt - but I'll keep reading
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